Thursday, December 24, 2009

...or Merry Christmas to you all. It has been an insightful and uplifting year. Here's to many more...

Kayne West Speaks:

During a recent concert (at the Nokia Theatre) with Kid Cudi, Kayne West dropped a freestyle validating what we already knew; he sold his soul to the devil:

"I had to get up out this motherf*cker for a the game so much and I'm so passionate about it that I just can't take this sh*t sometimes. And if they take everything away from me it wouldn't f*cking matter. Artist are to concerned about their well-being sometimes, Artist be too scared to stand-up for something, they scared to loose their house, they scared to loose they record deal....I sold my soul to the devil, I know its a crappy deal, it came with a few toys like a happy meal. I'm spaced out god, I be on that moon talk, I wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk..."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Beyonce and Jay-Z are preparing to re-arrange the location of their surnames:

The couple, who married in April 2008, are to take on both of their respective surnames in order to keep the ‘Crazy In Love’ star’s parental line from dying out.

Jay-Z – whose real name is Shawn Carter - will now be known as Shawn Knowles-Carter, while Beyonce is to become Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “They want to keep Knowles because Beyonce’s parents didn’t have any sons and they’re keen to keep the name going strong, especially if they don’t produce any children themselves.”

Here's a throwback image of the rapper prior to getting his "grill" fixed. They say that some well known rapper knocked his front teeth out:

Rapper T.I.

..After serving 7 months of his one year sentence, T.I. has been released from a Federal Prison in Arkansas:

According to news reports from the BRIETBART website:

Atlanta rapper T.I. has been released from a federal prison in Arkansas and is headed to a halfway house in Georgia.
A lawyer for T.I. said the rapper was released Tuesday morning.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., last May began serving his sentence of a year and a day for illegal firearms possession and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.

Steve Sadow said his client was expected to report to Dismas Charities halfway house in Atlanta on Tuesday night and will be there for up to three months.

Sadow said Harris "did his very best to adjust to his circumstances" in prison and knew he had to pay for his crime. He said Harris was most looking forward to getting back to his family and being as productive as he can be.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beyonce and Jay-Z:

...There's a buzz floating around the internet that Jay-Z and Beyonce left their so-called artwork on a dinner plate at two well known restuarants.

Jay-Z painted this on a plate at a Canadian restaurant following a tour stop in Montreal (October 2009):

On December 18th, Beyonce and Jay-Z ate at a NY haute Italian seafood spot name "Marea". Reportedly, Beyonce made this creation with leftovers from one course:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Geto Boys:

The Former "Geto Boys" rapper Willie D has plead guilty in Houston to wire fraud.

It's being reported that the former rapper made $132,000 in the bogus sale of iPhones and other electronics.

The 42-year-old artist, whose real name is William James Dennis, pleaded guilty on Friday. The sales were made through direct marketing sales with a company called Texas One Wireless.

Mr. Dennis is facing up to 20 years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for April 23rd. In June, Dennis is indicted and charged with selling iPhones and other electronics to online shoppers without delivering the actual merchandise.

Investigators say this direct markting scheme involved at least 29 individuals since September 2008. Mr. Dennis has been free on bond following his arrest.

Friday, December 18, 2009


The singer's new Fragrance has been named.

It's being reported that the singer's first Fragrance named "HEAT" will hit the market in February (around Valentine's day).

According to Beyonce:

“I’m so happy with it...I’ve been working on it for a while now. I was on tour for a year, and I have meet-and-greets with fans. I’ve never in my life gotten so many compliments. Coty has their own testing, but that was my testing! The fans loved it. They were like, ‘I love that, I’m getting that, why isn’t it out right now? I need it!”

How the named was derived:

..."A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat.’ Also, red is one of my favorite colors, as is gold...So then we thought of making the bottle look like it’s on fire. I love antique bottles — my mother had a collection of them when I was growing up. I wanted something with an antique yet modern feeling. Even with my wardrobe, I always try to find things that have a little bit of something vintage, yet still timeless and classic. The bottle, I felt, was a great mixture of the two."

Maybe it's me or maybe it's not me, but i thought her performances had stamped a signature of using those wind machines and her music videos were better known for setting things on fire? Now she want her stans to smell like "fire" when their body temperature heats up - you know - after they dance to her occult tunes.

Kayne West: getting married.

Say it ain't so...

Kanye West is to marry his model girlfriend Amber Rose.

The ‘Gold Digger’ rapper – whose mother Donda West passed away in November 2007 from complications that arose during a cosmetic surgery procedure - is reportedly planning to whisk the former stripper away to the Caribbean early next year to propose.

A friend said: “He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.”

The pair are heading to an eight-bedroom, £2,000-a-night villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion.

The source added to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.”

Funny - he didn't even propose yet and the source leaks information on wedding details?

Tina Knowles:

The truth is starting to fall out of Tina Knowles sealed closet. Tina Knowles was forced to share her birth name when she filed for divorce from her husband Mathew Knowles (on November 11, 2009).

As the document shows, her real name is Celestine B. Knowles. Her middle name stands for Beyonce. So, Celestine's biological mother "gave her" the middle name of her so-called biological daughter; Beyonce?

This is a bit strange. Staring at pictures of Beyonce's cousin Angela Beyince has lead me to believe that she oddly resembles Beyonce's so-called biological father "Mathew Knowles".

Here are a few facts that were published on the entertainer's birth:

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on Sept. 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas, to parents Mathew Knowles and Tina Beyince.

Beyonce's father is African-American, and her mother is of Creole descent (French, African and Native American). Beyonce's maternal grandparents were French-speaking Louisiana Creoles, and Beyonce's name is a tribute to her mother's surname.

The truth is starting to seep through the sealed cracks...

Oddly enough, I remember when Angela stated that her birth mother's name was Celestine Beyince. This was stated as a fact on Angela's wikipedia page. Soon after blogs caught whiff of documents surrounding Tina's Divorce, Angela Beyince's page was deleted from the wikipedia:

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It seems as if Hollywood has a history of changing the orginal works and or lyrics of an aspiring entertainer or writer. This time around, a 56 year old writer who lives in Virginia is suing BET for stealing his original screenplay for "Dreamgirls" and marketing it as their own.

According to the Business Journal:

A Virginia man is suing Black Entertainment Television, Paramount Pictures and Viacom for allegedly stealing his screenplay to produce the 2006 “Dreamgirls” movie starring Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles.

Samuel G. Bailey, a 56-year-old writer living in Burgess, Va., claims he mailed the entertainment companies a screenplay he wrote, called “Poison Passion.” Although Bailey never heard back from the companies, he says he recognizes his work in the Oscar-winning movie.

Hudson, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the role, played “Effie White” in Dreamgirls — Bailey alleges his screenplay featured a similar character named “Effy.

Knowles played “Deena Jones,” a character that Bailey claims was based on his character of the same name.

Each character in ‘Dreamgirls’ was an exact replica of the aforementioned characters in ‘Poison Passion,’” Bailey alleges in the complaint he filed in federal court in Alexandria.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Occult: Beyonce Knowles

Wait! If you don't believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce are occult followers...well take a look at this recent picture of Jay-Z wearing a t-shirt that displays words spoken by Aleister Crowley:

Monday night at Butter in NYC: Jay-Z with Robin Thicke

To learn here.

Nick Cannon:

On January 19th, Nick will become a "daily" radio host for the New York 92.3 Now Morning show...


Funny! He's known for sending out subliminal messages that's often caught by rapper fifty and Eminem but...did his stage name really derive from a sign displayed at a subway station in his hometown of New York?

Say it ain't so:

Presto! Everything from Wikipedia to the hip-hop blogs will inform you that Jay-Z's name was derived from the J and Z subway lines at his home station when he was growing up in Brooklyn.

Is this fact?

Say it ain't so...

Jennifer Hudson:

Christmas special aired last night on ABC. If you missed it, click here or on the video clip below:

Angela Hunte:

Who wrote the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys hit record titled "Empire State of The Mind"? Jay-Z has stated that he came up with the brillant idea and immediately asked Alicia Keys to sing the hook.


This was far from truth.

Jay-Z didn't write "Empire State of Mind"....Angela Hunte and Jane't Swewll wrote it!

Here's the jist of a article written on the original song writers:

Singer/songwriter/producer Angela Hunte tells Billboard she is still in shock over the success of "Empire State of Mind," the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys track she wrote and produced with writing partner Jane't "Jnay" Swewll-Ulepic about her Brooklyn hometown.

"I come from the same building where he [Jay-Z] lived, and we knew each other from Brooklyn, but we never worked together. Not in a million years did I think I'd make this hit for him," says Hunte, who actually grew up at "560 State Street," the street address Jay-Z mentions on the track. "I still have no words even for the World Series performance. You get your hopes up with artists but then things happen and the record doesn't make it for whatever reason. But Jay loved the song, it made the album and it sounds crazy."

Hunte created the track with Sewell-Ulepic after the two shared their homesick feelings during an overseas trip in February.

"My writing partner and I were in London, missing home. Her mother was ill at the time and I was sick that summer, and we were just down," Hunte explains. "We said to ourselves, 'we complain so much about New York -- about the busy streets, about the crowds and the pushing, about the subway system -- but I would trade that for anything right now.' Before we left the hotel that night, we knew we would write a song about our city."

That was in February, and although they wrote the track as simply a way to voice their hometown longing, they secretly sent it to Roc Nation a month later in hopes that Jay-Z would like it and use it. When they received negative reviews about the track, they were convinced it was doomed to the vault.

But then at a summer BBQ, EMI's Jon "Big Jon" Platt heard the track and fell in love with it, realizing "it would be perfect for Jay-Z," says Hunte.

The next day, Platt sent it to Jay-Z and he "loved it and recorded it that night," Hunte recalls. "We were just so happy he wanted to honor our work and our production. Two female producers/writers and for him as a rapper to take our song -- that's not a combination you see a lot. For him to be so open-minded about it, we just couldn't be any more grateful and thankful."

Jay-Z ended up writing all new verses inspired from the original lyrics and leaving Hunte on the hook. But when Hunte and Sewell-Ulepic were asked if they thought someone else would be more appropriate for the chorus, Hunte suggested Alicia Keys.

"She's never done a record with him and she also has my same vocal tone. She made the song sound so close to the original. She just nailed it and brought it home. It was a great choice," says Hunte, who studied her craft alongside mentor and producer Salaam Remi before signing a production deal with EMI in 2001.

Funny - This is the only track off of his latest album...that's heating up the charts and he didn't write it.

Tisha Taylor Murphy:

...has died.

She was the sister-in-law of Eddie Murphy who was married to his brother Charlie Murphy.

It's being reported that Tisha died on Sunday following a two-year battle with cancer.

The Murphys were married in 1997 and have two children together; daughter Eva and son Xavier. Charlie Murphy has a third child (a son) from a previous relationship.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jim Jones Speaks:

...I mean Jim Jones spoke recently to Complex Magazine. He had the following to say about Jay-Z and 50 Cent:

Complex: So when you performed at ThisIs50 Fest, I noticed you kept saying that 50 owes you a favor. What did you have in mind?

Jim Jones: [laughs] Oh yeah, he owe. Motherfucker, you owe, motherfucker! Nah, shouts to 50, he’s one of the smartest people in the game as far as strategy and the way he attacks it. So I spoke to him like, “You know, this one ain’t gonna go down that easy. You know, I charge a fee to get on stage.” He was like, “I respect you, sir.” I’ll see what happens

Complex: Now him and Jay. He’s baiting the shit out of Jay.

Jim Jones: [Rapping 50's "So Disrespectful"] “Jay’s a big man, he too big to respond…” I was working out to that shit today, no homo. When you diss me, I’m so disrespectful. [In British accent] “I’m so disrespectful!” He caught that. He caught that song, word. “I’ve been gone so long that my accent changed.” [Laughs]. I’m still a fan of the music, so pardon me. I still listen to all the music, you might catch me boppin’ in the club to niggas I hate, but that has nothing to do with good music.

Complex: Are you referring to the video that surfaced of you boppin’ in the club to Jay’s verse on “Swagga Like Us?

Jim Jones: I like “Swagga Like Us.” Shit, what are you going to be in the middle of the club dancing, like you got your lady with you and he come on and you’re supposed to just stop? She’ll look at you like, “You queer-ass nigga!” So shit, what the fuck is wrong with you niggas, I’m boogeying, man. And I might turn that shit up to 40 in the car if I’m moving fast. My personal issues has nothing to do with my artistic likes. If he has a hot record, he has a hot record. That shit with Alicia is dope, dope as hell. I’m not giving him props, I just like the music. I don’t give a fuck about him, fuck that nigga and the camel he rode in on. If he has a dope ass record though, what the fuck you going to do? It’s fucked up though because they don’t play “Ballin’” in the 40/40 club, that’s the hating shit I be talking about. I’ve got confirmation from DJs who have been kicked out for playing that record.

Complex: It seems like you’re the last person Jay fully responded to, when he did the Brooklyn “Ballin’” remix.

Jim Jones: Yeah, and he shouted me out on the beginning of The Blueprint 3, right? That was hot. How many albums he sold? I got a shout out, a million sold records, nigga! [laughs]. And you know I’m about to chop and screw that shit and make a hook out of it. “ I ain’t talking bout Jimmy, I ain’t talking about Jimmy.” That’s going to be the hook. See how easy that’d be? And that’s going to kill. And no, I ain’t clearing the publishing. [Laughs]

Snoop Dogg:

..On February 24th, the rapper will appear on the soap opera "One Life to Live" as himself. Snoop will performing a song from his new album titled, "I wanna Rock".

According to Snoop:
"As I said when I was here last time, I've been a fan of 'One Life to Live' since I was a baby because my momma always had it on...It's cool to come back and hang with Bo Buchanan and the people in Llanview and 'rock out with them'"

Oprah Winfrey:

Here's a industry buzz for you...

Oprah Winfrey is on schedule to replace Barbara Walters as a "Prime time" Interviewer despite losing her daytime television slot as a Talk Show host.

Think: Oprah's prime time special aired four days after Barbara Walters presented her prime time special. These two will go head to head until someone croaks.

Buju Banton:

...was arrested in Miami on Thursday (December 10th )for distributing cocaine.

He was actually charged with an illegal possession of drugs with the intention to distribute. Police found more than 5 kilograms of cocaine on him and he's facing up to 20 years in prison. He's currently in the custody of the federal police of the United States in Miami.


Well, there's a buzz floating around the internet that Hollywood is preparing to bring the 1980's cartoon "Thundercats" to the bigscreen...and they might present Beyonce with a leading role.

Jim Caruana: the engineer slash brains behind Beyonce's successful albums:

According to Mr. Caruana:

By 1994, Caruana found himself working as a staff engineer for Sony Studios, a position he held for 12 years before he decided to become an independent engineer.

“I was lucky,” Caruana said. “I knew not everyone gets to work like I did and I knew that it might not last forever, so I always conducted myself like I was an independent engineer a little bit.”

With much of music recording taking place in computer-based systems, Caruana said he is able to work at home a great deal and he can pick and choose the projects he works on. Meanwhile, he can help encourage his 8-year-old son Samuel's interest in music.

Through his career, Caruana has been able to work with a wide variety of artists in a number of ways. His collaborators have come from all genres, from Jeff Buckley to Jay Z to the Black Eyed Peas to Harry Connick Jr.

“As an engineer I've done a little bit of everything,” Caruana said. “I've recorded whole bands, just the vocals. I've mixed.”

It was while he was working at Sony Studios that Caruana first met singer Beyonce Knowles in what turned out to be a fortuitous event.

Caruana said that Knowles entered the studio to work on her first solo album and he was chosen to be engineer on the session.

When Knowles returned to do more work, Caruana was again asked to return to the studio.

He went on to work on Destiny's Child's final album and has since worked extensively with Knowles on her solo efforts.

In 2006, Caruana received his first Grammy when Knowles' album “B'Day” was selected as Best Contemporary R&B Album, something Caruana said came as a great honor.

50 Cent Speaks...

Fifty recently interviewed with Esquire Magazine and provided the following feedback, which seems more like a list of quotes.

Here's the jist of his interview:

If I'd had a choice, I would've been a college kid. I would've majored in business.

People who raise their hands deserve to be ahead of people who don't.

I sign autographs because there will be a moment when no one asks me to.

Don't wait for them to tell you. Tell them.

Money is not going to make you happy. A new idea is what makes you happy.

Obama takes away the excuses.

The best businessmen in the world make a bad deal sometimes. And it's not usually in a boardroom. Most of them marry the wrong woman. That business deal is the worst business deal of all.

Jay-Z is as politically correct as some of the politicians. He's safe. There's points when you're acquiring financing, you make adjustments. He's made those adjustments. It's his choice. For me, it's not a necessity.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


As she rocks the latest feed in cornrows, hair extensions, tracks, weaves and wigs, many are curious to know what Beyonce hair look like without the additions.

As an attempt to squash all hair related rumors, her camp released a video showing the entertainer getting feed in cornrows. If a person suffers from a shortage of hair around their hair line, it's wise to insert the right amount of hair that will hold the cornrows in place.

Here is a picture of Beyonce getting feed-in cornrows. There's a reason why her cornrows are smaller around her edges. Less hair is always added to ensure that the braider is able to grip and hold the cornrow in place.

It's a bit funny that the camera didn't film the insert of braids at the very beginning. Instead, filming took place near the very end of the braiding process.

Beyonce will never hang up her collection of weaves or hair extensions and if you take a look at the actual video will see that the shape of Beyonce's cornrows are different (as in bigger than the ones displayed at point 0.26). It also reveals that there were two people getting their hair braided and Beyonce's voice was used while the second person got their hair braided.

Smaller feed-in cornrows shows that the braider had less hair to work with. If a person has a lot of hair...well the braids will appear a bit full.

Here's the actual video:

Friday, December 11, 2009


Many websites are reporting that a home belonging to the Rapper "Nelly" was recently burglarized:

An intruder broke into the home of rapper Nelly early this morning, stealing a video game system, games and electronics, St. Louis County police said.

The music star was not home at the time of the 7 a.m. burglary, which happened at his Wildwood home in the 17300 block of Hidden Valley Drive.

Three people staying in the home were not hurt. One man heard commotion in the house, went to investigate and saw the burglar leaving the residence out of a window, St. Louis county police spokesman Rick Eckhard said.

There was no physical confrontation between the resident and the burglar, Eckhard said, and no weapons were displayed.

The burglar, carrying a duffle bag with the stolen electronics, then ran down the property’s lengthy driveway and hopped into what witnesses describe as a black GMC Envoy.

The burglar is described as a black man in his 20s or 30s, with a mustache and glasses. He was wearing a black hoodie.

Funny - The witness actually watched the burglar crawl out of the window, run down the "lengthy driveway" and didn't alert members inside the house? Instead, the witness watched the burglar crawl out of the window, run down the lengthy driveway and hop into his SUV? Did this witness yell "Run Joe...Run"...

This must be a inside job...


"Men lie, Women lie, Number's don't" Quoting: Jay-Z

The USA Today is reporting that aside from the Beatles, Eminem is the decade's top selling artist.

The race to dominate the decade in music has come down to Eminem and The Beatles in the stretch. The winner?
Both. The rapper emerges as the top-selling artist of the past 10 years, and the Fab Four have bragging rights to the best-selling album.

With 32.2 million copies sold, Eminem leads the pack in overall album sales, followed by The Beatles with 30 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan, which releases its decade tabulations today. Data were tallied through Nov. 1, and though figures could rise through Dec. 31, they won't alter the rankings.

Eminem's next album titled Relapse: Refill will be released on December 21st.
Story Continues..

Monday, December 7, 2009


...Thought it would be wise to re-post a conversation that Jay-Z had with Clash Magazine. He spoke so evasively...

Here's the jist of his conversation:

And when it comes to the subject matter of a record, is that you speaking or do you assume a character?

Even a record like 'American Gangster' wasn’t actually me looking to be the person in the film, it was my interpretation of the emotions I felt whilst watching it. I took emotions that related to my life from the movie scenes and talked about them in that way to make an album. It was a concept album, but not about the movie. It was influenced by the movie, so it was still me as me speaking and feeling, you know?

Do you feel exposed as an artist putting your emotions out there for people to dissect and experience?

Despite us sitting here and discussing things, I’m not really the type of person who can sit and talk about how they feel. You know, I’m bad at that and so is my whole family. We were raised to hold a lot in, so for me making music is like therapy. It gives me a chance to express my emotions and the things I have going on, so yeah I’m exposed. But it can’t be any other way.

You mention that people thought it was a diss song and this whole cycle of beefs seems to have consumed hip-hop culture. You’ve been embroiled in ones with the likes of Nas, Lil Wayne and the Game over the years yet on the record you say ‘we’re not in the same league, so how am I in your way’. It sounded as though you were becoming weary of it all.

It’s really just common sense. For many you have been making music and at the forefront for so long, people like, "Man, you gotta let the new guys in", and I’m like why? That’s never happened in the history of the world. It doesn’t work like that. You have to claim your spot. No one's in your way. If I was to stop making music tomorrow doesn’t mean suddenly there is this gap. You don’t get elected. The people decide where you are. Whether I’m here or not, if they want you to be at the top then the people will move me out the way. On you go...

Do you prefer playing large arena shows to small intimate ones?

They’re both equally great for different reasons. The intimate shows allow you to play the kind of records that won’t work in some sixty thousand deep venue, they’re just niche little things that maybe only fifteen hundred of your core fans truly know and understand. When it’s intimate, people are right there with you – they have a say in what works. But then the large show is great because of the sheer bigness of it. You start feeling like so... so big (laughs). I’m big! But it can be overwhelming, but it’s a fantastic feeling. I love it.

Are you looking forward to playing the arena dates with Coldplay then?

It’s going to be fantastic playing with them, especially with Chris (Martin) being such a close friend of mine. I’ve never played with them before, so it should be pretty cool. We’ve been friends for a long time now and we ended up doing a couple of tracks together and then last year we were both on the same festival bill and we thought about maybe doing something live as a unit...

So you like British music?

I like music! (laughs) Borders are irrelevant to me!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Solange Knowles:

..has claimed that she's on top of her "Christian Louboutin" shoe game despite being unable to identify and failing to recognise the shoe designer in public:

Solange took to her twitter page to share her shame. Here's the jist of her conversation:

Beyonce’s younger sister confesses to criticising Louboutin’s business sense to one of the males – who turned out to be the designer’s assistant – only to realise the other man was Louboutin himself.

She explains on her blog, “I saw a man wearing the new men’s studded Oxford Louboutins. I told him I would kill him for them and… how stupid Louboutin was for making them for men first… also a series of other crazy things came out of my mouth. The guy said, ‘You are wrong, he made them for women too, they just have not come out yet.’ I say, (sic) ‘I know my Loubitons (sic)’. He said, ‘I KNOW Mr Louboutin, so I think I know.’ And then (my friend) walks over and introduces me to ‘Mr Louboutin’

“BUT, just to be clear, I was talking to his assistant who was standing next to Mr. Louboutin, but it was Mr Louboutin who had on the shoes who I threatened. BUT in my defense, still told him I would kill him over the shoes, then added, ‘See that’s what you do to us women. You make us crazy and want to threaten people over your shoes.’”

Funny - She's such an airhead! Even Pharell Williams was recently caught wearing the designer's latest oxfords for men or are these made by Prada?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rihanna preparing to display a few occult symbols throughout her latest music video.

Stuart Heritage recently presented his guide to pop music's secret cultists:

Believe the internet and you'll understand that Jay-Z belongs to a shadowy occult order, probably the Freemasons. The clues are all there: just look at his hand signs, or the "murder Jesus" refrain you get from playing a specific remix of Lucifer backwards, or Rocawear's new line of tracksuits sized to fit giant shape-shifting reptilians. But is Jay-Z the only musician with internet-alleged links to the Illuminati? Of course not. We look at other pop stars whose masonic allegiances are beyond unreasonable doubt ...


A synonym for "Gaga" is "empty-headed", which makes Lady Gaga a prime candidate for Illuminati mind control. Plus, the video for Queen's Radio Gaga was based on Fritz Lang's Metropolis, a film about a young woman chosen by an evil elite to give life to a robot using – wait for it! – mind control. Coincidence? Gaga is EVIL.


Telling Taylor Swift that she's not as good as Beyoncé? Could Kanye West be trying to stir up enough trouble for his powerful associates to take control of the world amid the chaos? What's more, Kanye sometimes wears a T-shirt with a pagan deity on it, a clear sign that he's in league with the devil. Plus, if you were a secret society hell-bent on manipulating civilisation, wouldn't your first choice of recruit be a man whose biggest contribution to the world is an angry, over-punctuated blog? The answer is yes. Kanye West is EVIL.


"Ela é" is Portuguese for "she is", so the "Ella ella eh eh eh/Under my umbrella" part of Rihanna's hit single Umbrella means that she's really singing, "She she is is is/Under my umbrella". And if you were the evil conglomerate in control of Rihanna's soul, and you wanted to boast about it in the form of a pop song about protective rain accessories, what would you say? That's right, you'd say that she was under your umbrella. In Portuguese. Rihanna is EVIL.


In her recent single, Beyoncé says that she doesn't know whether being in love with a boy is a "sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare". You know what else is both a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare? Having your mind controlled by a sinister cabal of blood-drinking lizards. She's fooling nobody. Beyoncé is EVIL.

Is Jay-Z the evil conglomerate who's in control of Rihanna's soul? Surely he's the one currently boasting that he should've designed some 'Rihanna' Roca Wear umbrellas following the singer's titled hit song.

Say it ain't so...

Friday, December 4, 2009


On September 11, 2009, Jay-Z performed a tribute to the 9/11 victims and their families at Madison Square Garden, NYC. This performance will be transformed into a one hour special for the FUSE music network.

Click here.



Tila Tequila has come forward to reveal what we already knew. Rihanna has herpes and she gave it to Chris Brown.

Here's the jist of her recent rant:

Wow, I'm sorry girlfriend, but you were cool until u decided to open up your mouth about me so I have no choice. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows, you just do not fuck with Tila Tequila and think you can get away with it! Even Perez Hilton knows that(that's another inside story I have about him & myself, but I will post about that in another blog).

So everyone, yes.....I heard from legit sources, that is the HUGE SECRET our prestine, perfect little Princess RiRi, the "IDOL" has been hiding from the media. A very close source of mine, who works in the same legal camp as Rihanna, has told me that the reason why Rihanna wasn't speaking out about the CHRIS BROWN incident is because there was a catch 22 in it. Rihanna has herpes, and....well......I don't wanna put anyone else on blast, but Rihanna has herpes and gave someone else herpes that she had slept with.


So while you cascade around town, acting like yo shit don't stink, and leading the media and your fans into thinking that you are a strong woman, and idol,'s a shame you had to trick them into thinking you are, because truth is, you're ruining other people's lives, infecting people with your STD's, and walking around getting praised and loving the sympathy, when really, in real life you are just a major bitch who could give 2 shits about your fans and all the people who have been supporting you! Including myself! You dont even acknowledge your fans, you know, the people who got you famous??? Yes....those people. THE FANS! The ones that I, myself, acknowledge 247 all the time because if it weren't for my fans, I would not be here today! I love my fans, I don't lie to my fans to make them like me more, and everyone knows it. I have my flaws, but I put it out there, and I let my fans decide on whether they agree with the things I do or not. Im real, and I don't care what anyone has to say about me. All I do is mind my own business, and play with my fans.

But since you're still cascading around town like you're a prefect little princess, angel.....honey I hate to burst your bubbles.....but yes....yo shit really do stink, and even worse.....yo shit has STD's, known as HERPES, down in your private area.

So.....that's about it. Sorry I had to tell the world your DIRTY SECRET, but you left me no choice girlfriend. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business......but since you wanna play dirty with best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! POW!

Rihanna has STD's and Herpes everyone! & that is the truth from my legit source that has told me. YIKES! So boys, be careful when u wanna tap that ass, cuz that ass will give your dick Herpes if you dont put 3 condoms over it! EWWW!



Ms. Tila-You-Don't-Fuck-With-Me-Tequila

PS-yes, I understand you have a MASSIVELY powerful team behind you such as JAY-Z and all those guys so you feel safe & keep cascading around town knowing that everything wrong you do, will be covered up. I give u props for having such a great PR FIRM. U see? This sucks that I had to call you out cuz now Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce or whoever else is on your team is gonna hate me, and that sucks cuz I LOVEEEEE Jay-Z and Beyonce! They are my heros! But I am willing to sacrifice them hating me now because of what you did. I need to be honest and stay true to who I am, and stay real with my fans. I wish you the best in your next album release. I know I will be buying it.

Mischa Barton Speaks:

..has gone Coo-Coo!

Reportedly, she was placed under psychiatric care earlier this year and has shared that it was actually a "good thing".

According to Mischa via Heat Magazine:

I went to the hospital because of pain with my wisdom teeth and I ended up getting 'put in', but that's because I was so overwhelmingly stressed out and upset.

I think it was my teeth and the stress of having a new job and travelling. I was miserable. Actresses aren't given the time to recover after stuff like that - you're expected to bounce back from surgery and work right away again.

I was shocked it went that far but I think it was necessary for me to take that time out. I'm so much more settled and calm now.

Ultimately, it was a positive thing.

It's something that could've happened to anyone - going into hospital and having a bad experience then being held on an involuntary psychiatric hold. It happens to more people than you'd know. It's a common thing.

A common thing? A toothache or being put on psychiatric hold? Will someone help her? It sound as if she didn't survive one of Hollywood's rituals. She's really off the wall and one step away from hitting rock bottom.

Rickey Allen:

As previously reported, the artist who filed a lawsuit against Beyonce Knowles and Destiny Child have agreed to a financial settlement. As a result, Beyonce will not appear in a Chicago Court room tomorrow (December 5th). We're all aware that she's currently out of the states celebrating her so-called husband's 40th birthday.


They say that Jay-Z is in the Dominican Republic celebrating his 40th birthday.

...wondering if he's reading the new Rolling Stone magazine that features the article on 50 cent.

Say it ain't sooo...

Jennifer Hudson:

As previously reported, Jennifer Hudson's television special, will air on MONDAY, DECEMBER 14 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The Insider has a tiny clip for your review.

Click here.

Solange Speaks:

..has spoken about Tiger Woods affairs but has refused to discuss her father's affair with a not so popular actress.

According to NY Magazine:
Meanwhile, teen mother Solange Knowles, who expressed her disbelief that the golfer failed to heed an age-old lesson, wrote, "When mistresses go mad part 148,673 ... Money loss, career down the drain, death!!?? When do they learn?"

Funny, Solange has issues. Her father (Matthew Knowles) was recently hit by a paternity suit by someone thats not even his wife.

Earth to Solange, who died? Did Matthew lose money? Is his career going down the drain? Who died? Is your so-called father still learning his lesson?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Are you rocking the latest Hermes Handbag? Are you aware that there's a high demand for alligator skins within the 'alligator' industry and Hermes demands have dominated the market?

You see, some people believe that it's quite reasonable to spend $30,000 on a alligator handbag, especially if it's designed by "Hermes".

To produce these fashion handbags, many fashion designers are offering alligator caretakers less for their labor (alligator caretaking). Some people are actually stealing allligator eggs from the wild and some farmers are being left empty handed.

According to Meat Trade News Daily:

But some farmers insist that the newfound frugality of the Gucci set cannot by itself explain the absolute washout of the alligator business. More than a few are beginning to blame the practices of executives in the European fashion business.

For decades, the skins would be sold to 10 or 15 independent, often family-owned tanneries around the world that specialized in reptile skin, or so-called exotics. The prices were generally good, even generous. Some farmers, the ones that ran big operations, made millions of dollars.

The tanneries in turn would sell to the high-end fashion houses like Cartier, Hermès and Gucci, and from there the alligator would end up wrapped around someone’s wrist.

But things changed. In the mid 1990s, Hermès began buying tanneries and, as of a couple of years ago, became the largest player in the exotic tannery business.

Hermès bought aggressively from the farmers, and is still buying, though recently at prices far lower than in the past and lower even than the price of raising an alligator. All of this could be attributed to a very bad market. Luxury watch sales, on which the farmers are hugely dependent, are off by as much as 25 percent. But farmers look at the situation and say something does not add up.

While the tanneries are offering farmers little for their raw product, citing the recession, fashion houses are complaining about the astronomical prices for tanned hides. Many labels are giving up and moving away from alligator altogether, and well-known luxury brands like Manolo Blahnik say it is increasingly difficult to make a profit on such an expensive product.

Every time I go to Neiman Marcus and say every year the price is going up, they fight me tooth and nail,” said George D. Malkemus III, the president of Manolo Blahnik. “They say, ‘I’m not going to spend $4,000 for an alligator shoe.’ ”

If alligator is still popular but is simply unaffordable, asked Zachary Casey, who until three years ago owned one of the largest farms in the state, why are thousands of the reptiles sitting unwanted in Louisiana? And why have prices for the raw product dropped so low? He says Hermès is hoarding the skins, forcing other fashion houses to pay dearly and leaving the farmers with few other options.

Caroline Schwartz-Mailhe, a spokeswoman for Hermès, said in an e-mail message that the company bought only about a third of the skins produced in Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, far from a monopoly. Ms. Schwartz-Mailhe added that the continued aggressive buying from farmers was a way “to support them in these difficult times and to respond to Hermès’ increasing development in alligator skins.”

Recent signs suggest that the luxury market is rebounding, at least somewhat. But some of the smaller farms simply will not make it.

Mr. Fletcher has been losing $15,000 a month on his little farm off the highway here near Raceland, about 50 miles southwest of New Orleans. He found a python and a loggerhead turtle and is considering opening a roadside zoo for tourists. But the plan of making it big in alligators, which once seemed like a good idea, has left him heavily in debt.

“I guess it’s like being married to Miss America,” Mr. Fletcher said. “You get all the benefits of the hugs and kisses, but she’s mighty high maintenance.”

According to the handbag forum:

It takes not one, but two alligators to create the Hermes Kelly handbag. The best exotic skin is found on the jowls and tummy of the gator. The belly is used for the body of the bag and the neck skin becomes the sides.

Allen Iverson:

Despite retiring last week, the punk has returned to the NBA and will renew his contract with his former team...the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tiger Woods:

In October, Tiger Woods became the first athlete to reach the status of billionaire. As calculating as you may have it, three women have stepped forward to share that they were in extramarital affairs with the athlete.

Overwhelmed by evidence of multiple extramarital affairs, Tiger Woods admitted to "transgressions" that he hurt his wife and children and has ruined his public image. However, he has failed to admit that his wife attacked him after uncovering his level of dishonesty. The media is pushing this aside because his wife is now the victim of extramarital affairs.

It's a bit strange that the multiple extramarital affairs were with women of Russian decent. Upon admitting his faults, Tiger is staring at a $300 million payout if this situation ends in divorce.

It's being reported that Tiger's wife, Swedish model Elin Nordegren, has a huge prenuptial agreement that would make it the most expensive divorce in celebrity history.

The Billionaire's Downfall...