Friday, December 11, 2009


Many websites are reporting that a home belonging to the Rapper "Nelly" was recently burglarized:

An intruder broke into the home of rapper Nelly early this morning, stealing a video game system, games and electronics, St. Louis County police said.

The music star was not home at the time of the 7 a.m. burglary, which happened at his Wildwood home in the 17300 block of Hidden Valley Drive.

Three people staying in the home were not hurt. One man heard commotion in the house, went to investigate and saw the burglar leaving the residence out of a window, St. Louis county police spokesman Rick Eckhard said.

There was no physical confrontation between the resident and the burglar, Eckhard said, and no weapons were displayed.

The burglar, carrying a duffle bag with the stolen electronics, then ran down the property’s lengthy driveway and hopped into what witnesses describe as a black GMC Envoy.

The burglar is described as a black man in his 20s or 30s, with a mustache and glasses. He was wearing a black hoodie.

Funny - The witness actually watched the burglar crawl out of the window, run down the "lengthy driveway" and didn't alert members inside the house? Instead, the witness watched the burglar crawl out of the window, run down the lengthy driveway and hop into his SUV? Did this witness yell "Run Joe...Run"...

This must be a inside job...

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