Monday, August 31, 2009


..Funny - Beyonce finally stepped out with her biological father. Yes - it's true. This is Beyonce's biological father standing next to his step son. Beyonce always had it rough because she was never accepted amongst the white people in her father's family. Beyonce was "made"! Ask Tina Knowles!

Beyonce - they will never accept you as one of their own because Tina Knowles wasn't born "white".

But - they will use you to "their" advantage.

Question: Why did Beyonce cross the "makeshift" fence below wearing boots?

To cast a "spell"....

Jay-Z and Beyonce:

Somehow, Solange Knowles was credited for the attendance of Jay-Z and Beyonce at a recent concert performed by a group called "Grizzly Bear".

In the clip below, you can catch Jay-Z and Beyonce "grooving" to the Grizzly Bear tunes.

This show was held in Brooklyn, on the Williamsburg waterfront.

In recent days, Solange developed a "tweet" relationship with members Ed Droste and Chris Bear...

Here's the clip:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evan Ross

Evan Ross, born on August 26th, celebrate his 21st birthdate with a Michael Jackson-themed party at the Guys & Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood; on Friday. All of his siblings came out except Rhonda Ross.

Its been reported that Partygoers danced all night to Jackson tunes and all of the cocktail waitresses were wearing white studded gloves and fedora hats in honor of Michael Jackson.

Evan decided to celebrate his birthdate along side Michael Jackson's birthdate, so the crowd sung Happy Birthday to Michael after singing Happy Birthday to Evan Ross.

Diana Ross also sang a bit of her son's favorite MJ's song to her son Evan. The song came off of MJ's "Off The Wall" album.

Interesting Facts On Diana Ross:

According to wikipedia, Diana is the mother of five children. Ross married music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein in January 1971. In the late 70's, Robert Ellis, was the manager of singer Chaka Khan, and Diana had plenty of fun dabbling in Chaka's career.

Daughter Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein was born on August 8, 1971. Many years later it was revealed that Rhonda's biological father is Berry Gordy. She is now known as Rhonda Ross Kendrick. Ross and Silberstein had two daughters: Tracee Joy Silberstein, born October 29, 1972, now known as Tracee Ellis Ross and Chutney Lane Silberstein, born November 4, 1975, now known as Chudney Ross. Ross and Robert Silberstein divorced in March 1977.

In February, 1986, she married Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Næss Jr.. Their sons are Ross Arne Næss (born October 7, 1987) and Evan Olav Næss (born August 26, 1988), now known as Evan Ross. Ross and Næss divorced in 1999. Næss was killed in a mountain-climbing accident in 2004.


When then Doubleday book publisher and former first lady Jackie Onassis set up a meeting with Diana to publish her autobio, she asked her what type of story she wanted to tell. Diana responded, "I want an autobiography without revealing any personal information whatsoever." Jackie O sighed.


Diana told friends she wanted to marry Ryan O'Neal. But after their brief romance in 1979, he said of her, "Diana Ross doesn't want to show her body, doesn't want to do sex scenes on the screen and doesn't want to be black."


Diana's mother Ernestine had intended that her daughter be named 'Diane' but through a clerical error, the name 'Diana' appeared on the official certificate. Her father Fred said that he didn't care what name was on the certificate. His daughter's name was Diane and that's what her friends and family would always call her.


Diana decided to name her third child after the spicy fruit relish, chutney. She misspelled the word on the birth certificate which is how her daughter ended up with the odd name Chudney.


Diana and Arne asked Swedish Princess Christina, the sister of King Gustav, and her commoner husband, Tord Nagusson, to become Evan's godparents. Princess Christina and Filippa - Arne's first wife - have been best friends since they were young girls. For Arne and Diana to ask Christina to be their child's godmother seemed rather insensitive to Filippa's feelings. But for whatever reason, Christina agreed to be Evan's godmother.


Diana has always measured herself against Barbra Streisand. She would rather be Barbra Streisand than anyone else in the world. Once, when asked about her idol, she had to admit that she had only admired her from afar because Barbra gives the impression of 'being untouchable'. The two of them have been at the same cocktail parties, but have only made eye contact and have never had a full conversation. She could never handle a social encounter with Streisand. She would be too jumpy, nervous and intimidated.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kelly Clarkson

The following article is posted on the "Pakistan News" website:

Kim Kardashian

Funny - Lighthouse Beauty, the company behind 50 Cent's new aftershave has selected Kim Kardashian to market their new product.

Wait - What i am trying to say is ...Kim Kardashian will become the next "celebrity" to develop her own perfume.

According to Kim:

"Collaborating with Lighthouse Beauty was a really creative, innovative process...What's so different about their approach is that they have worked so closely with me on all aspects of my fragrance, the bottle, the juice... so I can develop a product that truly represents me and speaks to my fans...the fragrance really captures who I am."

Wait - Kim Kardashian has a fanbase?????

50 Cent

..decided to cancel his appearance at a "Family Day" celebration in his old neighborhood. Curtis Jackson III, was concerned that his appearance would prompt violence.


..made an appearance on the HBO program, "Real Time With Bill Maher". During this interview, Jay-Z presented Bill with a book filled with blank pages of "his" so-called lyrics.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Beyonce Knowles

..will perform at the Donbass Arena in Ukraine tomorrow.

Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has hired Beyonce Knowles to perform tomorrow at the new "Donbass Arena". This stadium will be the practice ground for Ukraine's leading football "club" Shakhtar Donetsk.


During last night's episode of, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", Lisa and NeNe went shopping at a well known bargain spot in Atlanta.

Many locals from Atlanta were a bit shocked that Bravo didn't air the price tags while Lisa and NeNe were shopping.

Here's a comment from a local blogger:

"Last night I was totally caught off guard when Real Housewives of Atlanta featured NeNe and Lisa visiting fab'rik! They usually allow us to see price tags right? We only saw NeNe and Lisa leaving the store with tons of bags in their hands and the clerks wishing them a fun trip.

Well fab'rik is a chic trendy shop and they have four locations in Atlanta. The reason Bravo did NOT show us how much the merchandise actually cost is because most of everything in the entire store is under $100!

I feel that fab'rik is accessible luxury and it would have been really nice if Bravo would have allowed the ladies to tell why they like the clothes! Luxury is a perception and educating consumers is a responsibility for marketers."

We all know - now - that Lisa came from the "bottom" and worked her way to the top, so to speak. It would've been great to know that she still "Bargain" shops, because your never when "it" can be taken away from you.

DeShawn Snow

...the former member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", is in the mist of creating a new reality show. This reality show will be titled, "Second Chances".

According to Snow:

"We really want to give them a chance and the people we are looking for [on Second Chance] are people who have been given up on or they have given up on themselves, they had children at a young age or they were on drugs, whatever, because you can really turn your life around,".

Michael Jackson:

As the witches within Hollywood select a "medium" to conduct a Michael Jackson seance, BET Networks will honor his memory by airing a weekend of specials.

In addition, Dirty Diana has surfaced.

Funny - as his birth date approaches, she appears.

Oh - Spike Lee has opened his neighborhood with a Block Party for what would've been Michael's 51st birthday.

Social Networking:

Two music director's have teamed up to create the online social networking site called, "". Scheduled to launch on September 1st, this site has been customize especially for those within the music industry.

Onree Gill and Ralph Rolle, have been in the music business for over three decades. Their tenures within the music industry were music director, percussionist and producer. They have worked with several artist including, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Showtime at the Apollo, The BET Awards, The Caroline Rhea Show, and more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Musical Selection:

Donell Jones signed with LaFace Records in 1996 and released his debut album, My Heart. This CD included a hit cover of Stevie Wonder's 1976 ballad "Knocks Me Off My Feet".

In 1999, Donell Jones managed to establish himself as a true R&B hit maker with his second album, Where I Wanna Be. This album produced several number-one hits such as "U Know What's Up", "Where i wanna be", "Shorty Got Her Eyes on Me" and "All This Love". The album went on to sell over one million copies.

Donell released his third album in 2002 titled, "Life Goes On...".

In 2006 Jones released his fourth album, "Journey of a Gemini". The song "Special Girl" is featured on this album.

Donell is planning to release a new album in late 2009 or near the beginning of 2010.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

US Music Producers

..are preparing to sue websites that host lyrics to songs. The two targets of this suit are LiveUniverse and Motive Force LLC. LiveUniverse is a huge popular video, social-networking, and music site that's headed by MySpace founder Bud Greenspan. Motive Force LLC is headed by Sean Colombo, the group behild the free-lyric site LyricWiki.

Ray Charles will stream exclusively during the seventh season premiere of "Cold Case". The season premiere will air on Sunday, September 27th on the CBS Television Network.

Soul Train

Warner Bros has decided to turn the long-running TV series Soul Train into a movie. The story line will follow a young street dancer as he takes part in a tour with other dancers and musical acts.

Warner Bros has selected Malcolm Spellman who wrote Dead Presidents - to write the script.

The former show host: Darryl Porter, Aaron Geller and Don Cornelius will serve as producers.

Soul Train came to an end in 2006. It featured performances from R&B, soul and hip hop artists.

Chris Brown

Someone is spending too much time trying to send Chris Brown to jail. After he was sentenced to probation and minor labor, for hitting his ex-girlfriend - Rihanna, these images of Chris surfaced on the internet...

Chris Brown's upcoming CD is titled, "Graffiti" and he's not the only artist who's into "Blubber" coloring via spray paint - on government property:

Terrance Boykin

Chicago rapper Terrance Boykin, also known as Bump J, has agreed upon a plea deal with federal officials. This plea deal will carry a minimum seven year sentence.

Signed on June 26, Boykin admitted his guilt in the Jan. 4, 2007 robbery of the Chase Bank, 800 Madison St., which netted $108,135. He also admitted threatening bank employees with a gun.

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Boykin, 28, faced between 37 and 46 months in prison for the bank robbery and life in prison for menacing bank employees with a .45caliber handgun.

Under his plea agreement, he will serve a mandatory minimum seven years on the charge of brandishing a gun during a crime of violence.

He will be sentenced for his crime of September 1st.

Police officers reported that Boykin and another man entered the bank the morning of Jan. 4, 2007, announced a robbery and took the money from a vault. Boykin was arrested in November 2008 without incident after a routine traffic stop by downstate Carbondale police officers.

Terrance Boykin earned local notoriety in 2004 for the Chicago hit, "Move Around," which was produced by superstar rapper Kanye West.

Around the time that this bank robbery took place, Boykin was working on a "comeback" album and had just released a record.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lebron James:

Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake have teamed up to produce a track for Lebron James upcoming documentary titled, "More Than A Game". This highly anticipated soundtrack will be released on Friday, August 28th.

Justin Timberlake

..will allow the two surviving members of TLC to perform at his concert on October 17th; in Las Vegas.

The Duo, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas haven't played a U.S. show since 2002.

Paula Abdul

..has signed a deal with Vh1 to host a concert special titled, "Divas". Divas is slated to air on September 17th.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dr. Dre:

..will re-release "The Chronic" on September 1st. The re-release will feature seven bonus tracks and a DVD.

LeToya Jackson

...will sit-in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" starting September 16 through September 18th. Elisabeth Hasselback is on maternity leave until mid-October.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mathew Knowles

Are you planning to enroll at Texas Southern University this fall?

If so, Mathew Knowles will be teaching a undergraduate course titled, "The Entertainment Industry" through the TSU School of Communication.

According to Dr. James Ward, The Dean of the TSU School of Communication:

"Students who enroll in our new interdisciplinary major, Entertainment and the Recording Industry, will benefit from exposure to practicing professionals such as Mathew Knowles and exposure to our state-of-the-art recording studio....we at TSU’s School of Communication are excited to have a man of Mr. Knowles stature coming to our campus to share his insights and wisdom with young people who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of entertainment and the music industry,"

Memphis Bleek planning to release his fifth studio album titled "The Process" on November 24th and Jay-Z is listed as the executive producer. In addition, this album will be released on Bleek's own Boston-based label named, "Get Low Records".

According to Bleek:

"The Process has been exactly that; a process. Taking what I've learned from a teacher and creaing my own school. It's time for me to handle my own business as a man and Mass Appeal supports the vision. I'm ready to share the Process and Get Low Records with the world and along with Mass Appeal, Im excited to take the next steps in my career independently."

Nelly and Ashanti

The New York Daily news is reporting that Nelly and Ashanti officially called of their romance.

The couple managed to keep their four-year relationship a secret but it was confirmed by both entertainers.

According to several media outlets, "Nelly" wasn't ready to settle down with Ashanti.

It's been reported that he's been spending a lot of time with Melyssa Ford and a "chic" from a well known group based in the U.K.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Explore Talent Idol

The website that features artist seeking employment opportunites recently ended their online talent show.

The talent show for ExploreTalent Idol was launched on July 23 and ended on August 18th.

Contestants were encouraged to submit their talents via MP3's and Video clips. These clips were rated by industry insiders and regular citizens; within the music industry.

The winner of this online talent show will be flown to the luxurious Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, Florida for an amazing two-night stay from August 21st to the 22nd.

The winner will also participate in the celebrity meet and greet then take the stage on August 22nd at 7:00pm at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, where they will perform the first 12 minutes to kickoff the SummerFest 2009 concert.

This event has been rescheduled due to a hurricane that's approaching the Florida shoreline.

At any rate, if the weather permits, the winner will open up for urban icons T-Pain, Akon, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson and Flo Rida.

The overall value of this prize package is valued at $250,000. This fee will cover the public relations campaign, extensive media relations, email campaign and ongoing promotion for the winning performer after the event...

Here's a clip of Snoop Dog promoting the website:


As websites stream the music video for Jay-Z's new track titled, "Run This Town". A editor for "Now" magazine has revealed that within this video, Jay-Z is seen with a image of "Mao Zedong" painted on the back of his leather jacket.

To provide insight into the ideology of "Maoism", here's a quote from Joshua Errett's article:

"Maoism is blamed in no small part for the deaths of millions, in China and neighbouring Asian countries (Cambodia's Khymer Rouge were extreme Maoists, and also extremely genocidal). It's fairly safe to say that in the still Communist-panicked U.S. (have you seen those town halls?), Mao is seen as a villain, without much nuance".

Jay-Z is trying to master the art of sending out subliminal messages. Is he trying to tell us that he's a maoist?

Denzel Washington

Appeared as a train dispatcher in Tokyo today. His appearance was in support of the upcoming flick, "The Taking of Pelham 123". In this film, Denzel will play a New York City train dispatcher who becomes the lead negotiator with a hijackers played by John Travolta.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kellie Williams

..from the sitcom "Family Matters" is getting married on September 5th.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessica White

Rumors are swirling around the internet that, Terrell Owens is reportedly dating the model Jessica White.

According to several sources, “She’s in the trailer for his new VH1 show, and they’re always out together,”.

Terrell and his love interest Jessica White were spotted together in Los Angeles and in New York as well.

In addition, Jessica White has added, "The Jessica White Diaries" to Russell Simmons forum @ Global Grind.


...The bidding has ended and MTV has sole rights to become the first on-air and online outlet to premiere Jay-Z's video for "Run This Town" with Rihanna and Kanye West.

According to MTV, the video will debut on Thursday, August 20th at 8pm EST (international premiere times to be announced locally) across all MTV properties including MTV, MTV2, MTVu, MTV Tr3s, MTV Hits, MTV Jams in the U.S. as well as on MTV’s international network of channels.

Several insiders are revealing that the concept for this video resulted from many nights of the trio playing the video game "Max Payne".

"The song is pretty much about evolution and the progress...You know, you start out as a new artist, you make your way into the game and you climb that mountain and you get to the top and put your flag down. And that's pretty much us putting our flag down. This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance, put your flag at the top of the mountain and say we run this town." Quoting: Jay-Z

Funny - When you've reached your target and accomplished your goal...your climb to the top should have a different symbolization. After you've reach the top, why would you place your flag down?

Do you truly believe that Jay-Z is educated?

The Game

...has teamed up with Jaz-O on the latest Jay-Z diss track.

The last time The Game allowed Jay-Z and Beyonce's name to fall out of his mouth, he was dropped from a few endorsements. However, because Jaz-O never signed his contract, he's free to speak his mind.

Here's what Jaz-O had to say:

When I first did it
Twista wasn't even in the business
Knew Big when he wasn't even in the business
Put the little n---- Jay-Z in the business...
Been a match since 'Hawaiian Sophie,
don't you ice grill with the phony frills
Still, act like you know me homie...Jaz-O
stupid motherf---er not Shawn
Never been blast on a Tupac song
The originator...

Jaz-O has been credited for schooling Jay-Z as a teenager and introducing him to the world through a record titled, "Hawaiian Sophie".

Shaquille O’Neal

...has created his own "social network".

On August 28th, Shaq will launch a website titled, "Payer Player". This social network will allow you to open all of your networking accounts at once.

50 Cent

Mayor "Bloomberg" of New York City has confirmed that 50 cent will not perform at a upcoming event scheduled to take place in his neighborhood.

"Our understanding after talking with 50 Cents [sic] is he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go, but he's not going to perform," Quoting: Mayor Bloomberg

Beanie Sigel

..was arrested on August 16 en route to a performance. According to the official police report, the 35-year-old rapper (born: Dwight Grant) was stopped by police for a routine traffic violation, which resulted in the discovery of marijuana, less than 50 grams worth.


In his own words, Wale (pronounced wah-lay) has revealed that he was once the "the insider's guy, Jay-Z's guy, Pharrell's guy and then P. Diddy's guy."

In 2005, the 24- year old Washington D.C. native, born "Olubowale Victor Folarion", ditched his football scholarship to enter into the hip hop arena for aspiring rappers.

To capture the attention of well known rappers, he presented a few of his mix tapes and made them available for free; online.

Wale, is quoted as saying "Free music is the way for the get your music off the ground you've got to give it away for free at first". Very odd behavior for a struggling rap artist - unless you were already a "insider" getting paid under the table to perform a few adult related activites...

These "free" tapes caught the attention of producer "Mark Ronson"...and Ronson signed the rapper to his label "Allido Records".

Celine Dion

...and her husband underwent fertility treatment again and now she's pregnant with her second child. The singer is 41 years old and her son is eight years old.

Several news outlets are reporting that, Celine and her husband "Renee" hired a group of fertility doctors in New York City to impregnate the singer.

Monday, August 17, 2009


There's an act in the UK that's causing quite a stir.

The London's popsters "Noisettes" are emerging as one of the hottest acts in the UK. The Noisettes are getting praises from many celebrities including Jay-Z. Many are also in agreement that lead singer "Shingai Shoniwa" bears a strange resemblence to the androgynous Grace Jones and the late Eartha Kitt. Industry insiders are preparing to replace Amy Winehouse with vocals of Shingai Shoniwa....

Can you decipher between their vocals? I can't...


Several media outlets are reporting that the "groupie" Jay Z will play the following string of live dates with Coldplay:


September 12 Manchester, UK L.C.C. Club (w/ Coldplay)

September 16 Glasgow, UK Hampden Park (w/ Coldplay)

September 19 London, UK Wembley Stadium (w/ Coldplay)


Who knew that Jay-Z was a fan of the US drama "Entourage"? Well, its been reported that Jay-Z hired the Australian band "Empire Of The Sun" to provide vocals for his upcoming album. The Empire of The Sun single, "Standing On The Shore" streams from the show "Entourage". Upon hearing this track, Jay-Z arranged a meeting with this group and invited them into the studio to provide vocals for his upcoming track titled, "What We Talkin About". This track will also feature the likes of Rihanna and Kanye West.

Wait - don't credit Jay-Z for discovering this group, the Aussie singer Sneaky Sound System's, "Connie Mitchell" was featured on Kanye West's last album.

Tyrese Gibson: Executive Producer and Narrator at BET

Several media outlets are reporting that Tyrese Gibson will began at tenure at BET starting October 2nd. Tyrese will become an executive producer and narrator for the premiere of the docudrama "First In". BET has made the following statement in regards to this docudrama:

"..the 10-episode half-hour original series delves into the lives of Compton’s firefighters and paramedics as they try to balance the high stress of a gruesome 72-hour work schedule and family life. Emotions run high as the men and women work long hours in a fast-paced, high-intensity atmosphere with the pressure to save lives every day."

50 Cent

Police in a New York neighborhood was forced to step up security ahead of a "secret" show prepared by The Rapper 50 Cent. The rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - is expected to take the stage on August 30th. The concert is part of a "Family Day" sponsored by the G-Unity Foundation and the Bette Midler-founded New York Restoration Project, so it promises to be kid friendly -- but cops fear some grown-up activities could take place.

As a result, the New York police department has informed that this event could draw a population up to 10,000 and additional security will be on site. In addition, this is the same area where where 50 cent was nearly fatally shot in 2000.

Notorious B.I.G.'s

..daughter is now 16 years old. In celebration of her sweet 16th, a birthday party was held for T'yanna Wallace last Sunday.


Most recently, Beyonce Knowles went on record to share that she doesn't feel comfortable around a "large group" of people. I find this comment rather strange, i mean, soon after Michael Jackson's death...Beyonce attempts to relate directly to his childhood. Help me understand the reason why Beyonce has recently stepped forward to recite the following quote:

"I didn't go to regular school. I went to private school, then I was home-schooled because I was travelling with Destiny's Child. I didn't have a normal social life, and sometimes I think it's why I'm insecure around a large group of people. I shut down a bit. People expect me to be what they see on stage, but that's not who I am in real life"

Here's what she had to say about her personal life,

"I know some people worry people won't want to date you because you're famous, but I wasn't scared of that because I feel I have way more to offer than just being famous. I think that once people meet me and get to know me, you forget that I'm famous"
Quoting: Beyonce

In addition, many media outlets are reporting that Beyonce enrolled in a few ballet classes in New York City.

She enrolled in classes at Manhattan's Ailey School to rehearse for her last tour and checked in most recently...for a open ballet class, where she dance alongside a few upcoming ballet dancers. A ballet dancer has revealed that, "She came in like a regular student. No entourage and no attitude".

They say that Beyonce was there to improve her dancing skills but we're all aware that Beyonce was there to copy a few intricate dance moves from the Alvin Ailey dance ensemble.

Be Real...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tyrese: Mayhem

The Marketing Director of "Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem" has stepped down. Percy Carey (also known as Rapper MF Grimm, sent a letter to retailers and industry professionals. Here's the letter:

To my dear friends and colleagues:

I would like to take this time to inform you all that I have officially stepped down as marketing director of Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!

Although I handled the marketing up until San Diego Comic Con 2009, I did not agree with the direction the owner(s) and the creators were headed. Therefore, I submitted my resignation shortly after our return.

On several occasions over the past few months, the creators decided to forget about their responsibilities (writing a good comic book) and on a whim, turned their focus to the marketing of Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!; it was during these times they found mutiple ways to insult well-respected people within the comic book industry.

The Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM! team has been considered outsiders by a comic book industry that's cautious of celebrities intent on selling comic books because of so called "star power", an industry weary of creators from different mediums who seemingly lack respect for the comic book community. This being said, you would expect these parties to act upon their self-proclaimed sincerity whether or not their name is above title (unfortunately the world is filled with bad actors.)

It's easy for people to take credit for things (like strategic marketing) when they are going well, but no one will step forward when unethical methods are implemented, methods that are clearly not "strategic". Because I am credited in Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM! as Marketing Director, I'm obligated to come forward and absorb the blame for these (unauthorized) snake oil selling marketing tactics which I found to be unnecessary and insensative to comic book retailers. (I do not want to be associated with the comic book retail problem that has arisien because of this project , especially in this frail economy.

At one point, I put in a personal request to Arch-Enemy Entertainment (the parent company of Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!) To have the members of Team MAYHEM! Who insulted Mr. Brian Hibbs of Comix Expeirence (and several other comic book retailers, many of whom are close friends of mine) by using snake oil selling marketing tactics to send a apology in the same forum(s) where the insult(s) took place; my request for the apology went ignored by the creators. I must therefore take it upon myself to do what should have been done quite some time ago.

As the former head of Marketing for Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!, I would personally like to take a moment and send my deepest apologies to Mr. Brian Hibbs and his family for the unnecessary attacks in public forums employed by my former camp. Mr. Hibbs became the focus of the unauthorized marketing ploys that followed. At no time was I a part of such antics nor would I have approved anything that would ruin the credibility of Mr. Hibbs or any other retailer.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mr. Hibbs and consider him one of the few who speak genuinely, from the heart and mind equally.

I have been in the music retail business as a distributor for the past 10 years and I understand what it's like to have to roll up your sleeves and sell units. Comic books are even harder to move because of the absence of returns.

To all other comic book retailers who were insulted by these unauthorized marketing tactics: I'm terribly sorry as well. The only issue that should have the words Percy Carey, Master Of The Widget, LLC is the first print of issue #1 (and yes ladies and gentlemen of the press, the 10,000+ sales in one store is the real deal, something I will always be proud of).

Please note: In no way should any of the aforementioned be seen as a reflection of Image Comics or their wonderful staff. I thank Mr. Robert Kirkman and Mr. Eric Stevenson for the opportunity I hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

Furthermore, I would like to inform the public that I have also stepped down as Sr. Vice President of Arch-Enemy Entertainment, (The parent company of Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM!).

I will now focus on my own endeavors; one being my strategic innovations consulting company Master Of The Widget, LLC. The other being the relaunch of my record company Day By Day Entertainment. I will also continue my passions as a writer in film (especially animation-PIXAR here I come!), television and music.

I applaud Percy Carey for speaking up and realizing that his "passion" and work ethic, within the Comic Book Industry, is worth more than a celebrities so called "star power".

As the saying goes, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything..."