Thursday, December 17, 2009


It seems as if Hollywood has a history of changing the orginal works and or lyrics of an aspiring entertainer or writer. This time around, a 56 year old writer who lives in Virginia is suing BET for stealing his original screenplay for "Dreamgirls" and marketing it as their own.

According to the Business Journal:

A Virginia man is suing Black Entertainment Television, Paramount Pictures and Viacom for allegedly stealing his screenplay to produce the 2006 “Dreamgirls” movie starring Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles.

Samuel G. Bailey, a 56-year-old writer living in Burgess, Va., claims he mailed the entertainment companies a screenplay he wrote, called “Poison Passion.” Although Bailey never heard back from the companies, he says he recognizes his work in the Oscar-winning movie.

Hudson, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the role, played “Effie White” in Dreamgirls — Bailey alleges his screenplay featured a similar character named “Effy.

Knowles played “Deena Jones,” a character that Bailey claims was based on his character of the same name.

Each character in ‘Dreamgirls’ was an exact replica of the aforementioned characters in ‘Poison Passion,’” Bailey alleges in the complaint he filed in federal court in Alexandria.


  1. This is exactly what happened to the actual woman who wrote The Matrix series & Terminator! Except she knew they were going to use it because they called her into a meeting, to ask her to change some things about the script. Then she said she never heard back from them. The next thing she knew a few years later, they used her script, changed the title and other details and split it into two movie concepts! Her name is Sophia Stewart, and the original script is called The Third Eye. Her story is 10 times better than the wack hollywood versions.

  2. I hope this guy has all documentation in regarding to the shipement of his material to BET.

    They always sit on work and have their interns to siff through it five to 10 years after it was submitted.

    If i was a aspiring artist or writer, i would make sure my work is patent before i send it to BET or MTV.

    Always cover you ass-ets.

  3. Jay-Z said he was inspired by the original lyrics to "Empired State of The Mind". He was so inspired that he wrote lyrics closely to the original lyrics.

    He always said that "he made it a hot song". If i was a rapper, i would stop to compare my lyrics to all of jay-z songs.

    he claims to be so smooth because he didn't get caught.

    BTW, Tiger Woods is DEAD. Ask Jay-Z how he died.