Monday, December 14, 2009

Jim Jones Speaks:

...I mean Jim Jones spoke recently to Complex Magazine. He had the following to say about Jay-Z and 50 Cent:

Complex: So when you performed at ThisIs50 Fest, I noticed you kept saying that 50 owes you a favor. What did you have in mind?

Jim Jones: [laughs] Oh yeah, he owe. Motherfucker, you owe, motherfucker! Nah, shouts to 50, he’s one of the smartest people in the game as far as strategy and the way he attacks it. So I spoke to him like, “You know, this one ain’t gonna go down that easy. You know, I charge a fee to get on stage.” He was like, “I respect you, sir.” I’ll see what happens

Complex: Now him and Jay. He’s baiting the shit out of Jay.

Jim Jones: [Rapping 50's "So Disrespectful"] “Jay’s a big man, he too big to respond…” I was working out to that shit today, no homo. When you diss me, I’m so disrespectful. [In British accent] “I’m so disrespectful!” He caught that. He caught that song, word. “I’ve been gone so long that my accent changed.” [Laughs]. I’m still a fan of the music, so pardon me. I still listen to all the music, you might catch me boppin’ in the club to niggas I hate, but that has nothing to do with good music.

Complex: Are you referring to the video that surfaced of you boppin’ in the club to Jay’s verse on “Swagga Like Us?

Jim Jones: I like “Swagga Like Us.” Shit, what are you going to be in the middle of the club dancing, like you got your lady with you and he come on and you’re supposed to just stop? She’ll look at you like, “You queer-ass nigga!” So shit, what the fuck is wrong with you niggas, I’m boogeying, man. And I might turn that shit up to 40 in the car if I’m moving fast. My personal issues has nothing to do with my artistic likes. If he has a hot record, he has a hot record. That shit with Alicia is dope, dope as hell. I’m not giving him props, I just like the music. I don’t give a fuck about him, fuck that nigga and the camel he rode in on. If he has a dope ass record though, what the fuck you going to do? It’s fucked up though because they don’t play “Ballin’” in the 40/40 club, that’s the hating shit I be talking about. I’ve got confirmation from DJs who have been kicked out for playing that record.

Complex: It seems like you’re the last person Jay fully responded to, when he did the Brooklyn “Ballin’” remix.

Jim Jones: Yeah, and he shouted me out on the beginning of The Blueprint 3, right? That was hot. How many albums he sold? I got a shout out, a million sold records, nigga! [laughs]. And you know I’m about to chop and screw that shit and make a hook out of it. “ I ain’t talking bout Jimmy, I ain’t talking about Jimmy.” That’s going to be the hook. See how easy that’d be? And that’s going to kill. And no, I ain’t clearing the publishing. [Laughs]

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  1. He is a damn clown. Nobody is rocking them country azz cornrolls anymore. Only Puerto Ricans. We all know how they will kill a damn style.