Thursday, February 18, 2010

Musical Selection

Angela Beyince

...come get your mother!

TMZ has reported that Alexsandra Wright gave birth to Matthew Knowles son "Nixon Wright". As many websites congratulate Beyonce on the new addition to her family, they failed to congratulate her cousin Angela Beyince on becoming a big sister.

Yes - Alexsandra Wright and Tina Knowles are related. This also explain the reason why Angela Beyince went underground (protected her tweets on twitter, pulled biological data and photos off the internet and video streams) as soon as word broke that Alexsandra Wright (her biological mother) filed a paternity suite against Matthew Knowles.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Julia Lira

The 7-Year-Old drew the eyes of parents, social workers and child welfare advocates around the world when she performed at recent carnival events in Brazil.

The young girl shook her toosh and marched alongside sultry models and actresses. It's being reported that a judge ruled last week that she could join in on parade activites. Julia wore a lot of makeup, a sequined halter top and a miniskirt made of purple feathers. She also stood next to a 7 (or 9) year old boy dressed in a pimp inspired suit.

It was also reported that the 7 year old marched alongside her mother during this parade:

The parents (biological mother and father) of 7-Year-Old Julia Lira is responsible for this crap:


...has been cast as a kinky dominatrix in the upcoming remake of Berry Gordy's 1985 martial arts classic "The Last Dragon". She will appear on screen opposite of Samuel L. Jackson.

Speaking of re-makes, Jay-Z has went on record to reveal that the "We Are The World" track and music video should not have been remade.

Solange Knowles

On Friday, February 12, Solange Knowles sat front row at the Charlotte Ronson fashion show. Dressed as if she just walked off of the set of "That 70's Show" television series, the singer is wearing a Ronson minidress and a newboy cap.

She reveals:

My photo shoots, album packaging and video shoots are very inspired by 60s and 70s fashion. My mother [Tina Knowles] always had great coffee table books. I looked specifically at The Supremes, Earth, Wind & Fire and Isley Brothers for fashion and it’s very apparent, I think.”

The singer also reveals that she is preparing to release a new album this year:

“..., I’m actually about to lock myself in a tree house in Costa Rica and finish my record. I’m writing and setting up a whole studio there. Hopefully it will be out this fall,”

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Musical Selection

As previously reported, here is the remake of the historical "We Are The World" musical track - produced to benefit the relief efforts in Haiti:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Louis Vuitton

Funny - We recently saw behind the scene images of Kanye West copying the design of a few inexpensive shoes to create his line of Louis Vuitton sneakers (Vans, High Top Reeboks, Candies...etc)...

Now, Marc Jacobs has designed the Raindrop Besace for Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 collection. All websites and blogs are reporting that this handbag was inspired by GLADD trash bags or are these actually made out of the GLADD trash bags???

The Raindrop Besace retail at $2000.00


Nominated for six Grammy Awards, the singer holds two Grammy awards for best male R&B vocal performance and best R&B album at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles on January 31, 2010.

The singer responded to questions submitted by the readers of Time Magazine issued on February 15. 2010. Within this article, he provides insight into what inspired him to pursue a career in music, his eight year break away from his music career, his decision to alter his outward appearance and how his heritage influenced his music. Here are his answers to 10 questions submitted by the readers of Time Magazine,:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grace Jones scheduled to play an exclusive show at London's Royal Albert Hall on April 26, 2010.

The 60 year old hermaphrodite costumes will be designed by Eiko Ishioka and if you live in London, tickets are selling now.

Here are a few pictures from the singer's July 30, 2009 performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York:

Monday, February 8, 2010


Many websites and blogspots are circulating this picture of Beyonce. They are stating that this is a 'morning' shot of the singer without her makeup and wig.

Funny - If she just woke up, why is she wearing make-up and a teased out wig?

The image below is of beyonce during her time with Destiny Child. The singer was getting make-up and fake eye lashes applied. One side of her face is manly, pale and she look totally different without make-up.

Here's the actual video:

New Orleans Saints

By now, everyone knows that the New Orleans Saints has won the 2010 Super Bowl. This post is dedicated to the state of Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, those who lost loved ones and to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.


Here's one of my favorite Super Bowl ads:

Funny Line = "It's in my mouth..."

Friday, February 5, 2010


Rihanna channeled the inner spirits of David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) during a recent performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert.

According to reports, the NFL partnered with Pepsi for two free concerts to help celebrate Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida. The PEPSI SUPER BOWL FAN JAM, the only official NFL Super Bowl concert series on South Beach, will take place on Thursday, February 4th and Friday, February 5th in Miami, FL.

Rihanna and Justin Bieber performed on Thursday, February 4th. Nelly Furtado, Paulina Rubio and Pitbull are scheduled to perform today Friday, February 5th.

David Bowie or Ziggy Stardust


Funny - The singer has a fetish for guns. She recently purchase this chandelier for an undisclosed amount. Dutch artist Hans Van Bentem is responsible for creating this piece. He sculpts chandeliers into guns, skulls, eagles and even spiders - for a living.

Yo Gotti

First Gucci Mane gets arrested now this:

Rapper YO GOTTI is fighting allegations of drug possession after his tour bus was stopped and searched by border authorities in Texas on February 4, 2010.

The rapper whose real name is Mario Mims, and members of his entourage were arrested by Texas Border Patrol officers on Thursday February 4, 2010 when sniffer dogs identified "narcotics" on board the vehicle.

Here's the actual video footage:

Ozzy Osbourne:

In the February 2010 issue of Time Magazine, Ozzy Osbourne provides insight into his past and present life as a entertainer, father and husband. During this interview, one is able to quickly snatch up a few learning lessons from a man who has lived his life to the fullest.

Here are 10 Questions answered by the musician; Ozzy Osbourne:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Story Time:

Say it ain't so...

There's a book heating up the urban book shelves titled "Take Her Man". The story line seems a bit common and a lot like the singer 'Beyonce Knowles' personal life. Funny - I wonder if Beyonce granted 'Grace Octavia' permission to use her name in a published novel. It's also strange that there's a character name "Tasha" (rhymes with Sasha) and Lionel (Beyonce's old flame) and the author has roots in New York, City and oddly resembles Matthew Knowles and Kelly Rowland (prior to those surgical procedures).

Judge for yourself...

Here's a paragraph from the actual novel:

Take Her Man: Grace Octavia


It seems as if the rapper is eager to build a hotel in his home state of New York.

He recently filed a lawsuit against Highland Capital Management for failing to deliver on a loan agreement.

According to Businessweek:

Shawn Carter, the rap music artist and Rocawear clothing business founder known as Jay-Z, sued the investment firm Highland Capital Management LP in a dispute over loan guarantees.

Carter, in his complaint filed yesterday in federal court in New York, claims Highland and co-defendant NexBank SSB are attempting to “bleed” from him funds in excess of those he and two other men pledged to pay when they guaranteed the non- principal obligations of a company planning to build a hotel in Manhattan’s west side neighborhood of Chelsea.

Highland Capital, based in Dallas, was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. It oversees about $25 billion in assets, chiefly in credit markets. NexBank is based in the same city.

Highland and NexBank acted in bad faith when they declined to clear Carter and his fellow guarantors of their obligations after receiving a deed in lieu of foreclosure on the property, according to the complaint.

The rap star is seeking a declaratory judgment that he has met those obligations. He’s also seeking damages of more than $3.7 million for the additional interest and other costs incurred while still being held liable under the agreements.

Building hotels is the new retirement plan for artist and entertainers within Hollywood.

Jill Scott: being sued by her record label Hidden Beach Records. They are accusing the R&B songstress of failing to produce six-albums per her contract agreement. It's being reported that the singer owes millions of dollars in damages.

This lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by the L.A. Based Hidden Records on February 3, 2010. Jill Scott has been with Hidden Beach Records for over 10 years.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kayne West:

..and his infamous LV Kicks.

Wanna see uncut photos of Kayne West Designing these infamous Louis Vuitton sneakers?

To enlarge, click on these images:

Are you paying attention? They are drawing their inspiration (copying) from cute inexpensive shoes.

Amber Rose:

...goes extremely androgynous (an androgynous skinhead) for the February 2010 issue of Persona Magazine.


Amber Rose and Russell Simmons Launched Persona Magazine on September 11, 2009.

Kourtney Kardashian:

Funny - The aspiring rapper slash model Michael Girgenti is claiming that he's the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s 1-month-old son Mason.

Michael Girgenti has revealed that he had unprotected sex with Kourtney 9 months before she gave birth to her son Mason. This took place during her on and off again relationship with Scott Disick.

According to Michael:
“If Mason is Scott’s son, more power to him. But if he’s mine, I need to be with him, to be a part of his life. It’s been eating away at me for months,”.

Michael Girgenti is demanding that Kourtney gives him a paternity test.

Many websites are reporting that Kourtney is very upset over Michael's claims.

Kourtney and Michael

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Are The World: Inside the All-Star Recording Session

It's being reported that the 81-member choir consist of Pink, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nick Jonas, LL Cool J, Robin Thicke, Celine Dion, Akon, Rob Thomas, Wyclef, Jeff Bridges, Vince Vaughn, Barbra Streisand, Jordin Sparks, Good Charlotte's Madden brothers, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese, Katharine McPhee, Sean Garrett, Will.I.Am, Carlos Santana, Melanie Fiona, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Busta Rhymes, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicole Richie, Usher, Julianne Hough, Raphael Saadiq, Zac Brown, India.Arie, "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson, Fonzworth Bentley, Kid Cudi, Iyaz, Bizzy Bone, Nipsey Hussle, the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, Trey Songz, Faith Evans, Mya and Gladys Knight.

There's more but i refuse to list all 81.

Click here for more pictures...

The Game

Funny - this is a bit weird.

Tila Tequila recently revealed that rapper "The Game" is the father of her unborn child.

The Game responds via TMZ denouncing that this is truth.

He goes on to reveal the possibility of this being true as he propose to his baby mother via a social networking site (twitter).

How tacky!

Tila better go all out to protect her life. She might end up on the side of road non-responsive. The Game has connects to pull a Rae Caruth on her ass.

Roxanna Floyd

The make-up artist to celebrities has died; at age 49. It's being reported that she passed away in her sleep at her home in New York.

According to reports:

Brooklyn-based makeup artist Roxanna Floyd, who made sure celebrities put their best face forward, has died. She was 49.

Her family gave no cause of death. She died in her sleep at her home in Clinton Hill.

Over a three-decade career, Floyd's artistry could be seen in motion pictures, on book jackets and on more than 200 magazine covers. She "worked on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica," her office said.

Her first celebrity client was Yoko Ono, and she went on to do 60 Essence covers, the first featuring Halle Berry.

She is survived by her husband, Rick Ramos; her mother, Alberta (Bertha) Floyd; one niece, and two nephews. A funeral will be held Saturday at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 279 Lafayette Ave. in Brooklyn.

Story Continues...