Friday, December 4, 2009

Solange Speaks:

..has spoken about Tiger Woods affairs but has refused to discuss her father's affair with a not so popular actress.

According to NY Magazine:
Meanwhile, teen mother Solange Knowles, who expressed her disbelief that the golfer failed to heed an age-old lesson, wrote, "When mistresses go mad part 148,673 ... Money loss, career down the drain, death!!?? When do they learn?"

Funny, Solange has issues. Her father (Matthew Knowles) was recently hit by a paternity suit by someone thats not even his wife.

Earth to Solange, who died? Did Matthew lose money? Is his career going down the drain? Who died? Is your so-called father still learning his lesson?


  1. Someone needs to tell her who her real mother is then maybe she'll go back to the basement and shut the f up.

  2. Shit. She don't know who her real father is. The nerve! At least these women aren't carrying Tiger's child. Matthew Knowles has a baby on the way! That's just awful. I want to know who is dying or who died. A affair with some mistress ended in death?

  3. Yeah I don't think she know big sis is really her mama!!!