Sunday, June 26, 2011


...In January 2011, Rihanna covered the British GQ Magazine. It seems as if the leftover images from the GQ Magazine photoshoot are now appearing in the July 2011 issue of CKM in Poland:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Memory Of...


The Co-president and CEO of Warner Bros records announced on Friday that rapper Common has signed over to their record company. The rapper's forthcoming LP, The Dreamer, The Believer, will be released under his newly signed deal with Warner Bros.


Got Beef? Well, DMX has beef with rapper Jay-Z. In an exclusive interview with VIBE, the jailed rapper reveals the following:

"I've not talked to him yet, since...But I had a show November 18th, before I got locked up--No November 12th I had the show. And somebody in the crowd was like 'What's up with Jay-Z' and I was like 'F--k Jay-Z'. And it ended up all over the place. So he called Swizz [Beatz], Swizz called me, and he tells Swizz 'Yoo, why your man dissin me? I was gonna do a song with him'--Coulda, woulda, shoulda. F--king bulls--t. I don't wanna hear that s--t. And like 'Yo, can you just get him to say he ain't mean it'--NO! I'm not saying that. What I did say is if he wanna talk to me, I'm man enough to let him know why it's 'F--k You', but it's still 'F--k You'! That's what it is. I'll let you know why, I can do that. It ain't like you gotta worry about me running up on you shooting you. It ain't that serious. You don't owe me nothing. But if you want an explanation as to why it's 'F--k You', I'll be more than happy to tell you why."


Beyonce Knowles

In the July 2011 issue of W Magazine, Beyonce Knowles reveals that the Video for her hit track 'Single Ladies' was filmed in a studio that once filmed pornography:

"I began to get suspicious because every dressing room had a theme. I was in the jungle room and I realised they had made a porno in there. There was no air-conditioning in the studio and that added to the drama - we were shiny and sweaty," -- Quoting Beyonce Knowles.

Rapper: Drake

Is at odds with his record label Universal. The rapper tweeted the following after Universal pulled two songs the rapper posted on his webpage: