Sunday, December 6, 2009

Solange Knowles:

..has claimed that she's on top of her "Christian Louboutin" shoe game despite being unable to identify and failing to recognise the shoe designer in public:

Solange took to her twitter page to share her shame. Here's the jist of her conversation:

Beyonce’s younger sister confesses to criticising Louboutin’s business sense to one of the males – who turned out to be the designer’s assistant – only to realise the other man was Louboutin himself.

She explains on her blog, “I saw a man wearing the new men’s studded Oxford Louboutins. I told him I would kill him for them and… how stupid Louboutin was for making them for men first… also a series of other crazy things came out of my mouth. The guy said, ‘You are wrong, he made them for women too, they just have not come out yet.’ I say, (sic) ‘I know my Loubitons (sic)’. He said, ‘I KNOW Mr Louboutin, so I think I know.’ And then (my friend) walks over and introduces me to ‘Mr Louboutin’

“BUT, just to be clear, I was talking to his assistant who was standing next to Mr. Louboutin, but it was Mr Louboutin who had on the shoes who I threatened. BUT in my defense, still told him I would kill him over the shoes, then added, ‘See that’s what you do to us women. You make us crazy and want to threaten people over your shoes.’”

Funny - She's such an airhead! Even Pharell Williams was recently caught wearing the designer's latest oxfords for men or are these made by Prada?


  1. Solange and her sisters are stupid people. They will do anything to fit in.

  2. dem muthas fuckas is showwwwwwwww ugly