Friday, May 30, 2014

Scam Artist: Jerez "Kidd Cole" Coleman

Local artist in the Washington D.C. area are on an alert after one of their own is being charged with scamming. 19 year old Jerez Coleman is known as a artist who jukes several high profile artist out of marketing deals. The most recent artist to get caught up in his web of storytelling was rapper J.Cole. His scams garnered enough attention to be featured on MTV's new hit series simply titled, "Catfished". For more, click here.

Rapper: Luther "Luke" Campbell

Former rapper from the 2 Live Crew, Luke Campbell was banned from a night club in St. Louis recently after two women performed an adult act on stage. A report circulating online claims that two lesbians performed a sex act on each other -in a bid to win $1,000. The pornographic performance was filmed by several partygoers and uploaded to their personal accounts on Facebook. For more, click here.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Michael Sam

After coming out in February and being drafted into in the NFL this month, Michael Sam and his agent is leaving all profitable doors open, well that's until the NFL blocked Oprah Winfrey's attempt to turn his recent draft and upcoming league experience into a reality series. For more, click here.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Illuminati Strikes

Actors and Actresses are on an alert in India after a string of indecent events have transpired. Most recently, a 23-year-old rising Actress accepted a casting call that turned into a strip search. According to online reports the Actress was called to a house to audition for a role and upon her arrival she was met by seven men who stripped and photographed her. Before she left their presence the men threatened to circulate the pictures they took of her online. For more, click here.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Singer: Usher Rqymond

“This year has been really one of my hardest years – I lost my grandmother, my son was diagnosed as being a type one diabetic. It has definitely been a difficult one for me, man...Sometimes you’re looking at me and we’re off camera, and I’m online looking at numbers, trying to make sure he’s eating properly. It’s crazy.” -- R&B singer Usher reveals in a recent interview that one of his sons is a diabetic. Usher is the father of two young boys 6-year-old Usher Raymond V and 5-year-old Naviyd. For more, click here.

Former NBA Player: Eric Williams

According to online reports the retired NBA Player (of twelve years) / Reality star Eric Williams is homeless. Eric Williams is most recently known as the ex-husband of reality starlet Jennifer Williams from VH1's hit series Basketball Wives. In an attempt to bail out on child support payments, Eric wrote a letter to a judge stating that he has no fixed home address and that he's unable to cover child support payments. For more, click here.