Saturday, December 12, 2009


As she rocks the latest feed in cornrows, hair extensions, tracks, weaves and wigs, many are curious to know what Beyonce hair look like without the additions.

As an attempt to squash all hair related rumors, her camp released a video showing the entertainer getting feed in cornrows. If a person suffers from a shortage of hair around their hair line, it's wise to insert the right amount of hair that will hold the cornrows in place.

Here is a picture of Beyonce getting feed-in cornrows. There's a reason why her cornrows are smaller around her edges. Less hair is always added to ensure that the braider is able to grip and hold the cornrow in place.

It's a bit funny that the camera didn't film the insert of braids at the very beginning. Instead, filming took place near the very end of the braiding process.

Beyonce will never hang up her collection of weaves or hair extensions and if you take a look at the actual video will see that the shape of Beyonce's cornrows are different (as in bigger than the ones displayed at point 0.26). It also reveals that there were two people getting their hair braided and Beyonce's voice was used while the second person got their hair braided.

Smaller feed-in cornrows shows that the braider had less hair to work with. If a person has a lot of hair...well the braids will appear a bit full.

Here's the actual video:


  1. No offense, but there are more important things to worry about in life besides Beyonce's hair. I've seen photos of her Real Hair before all the weaves and It was very long, thick, and naturally curly. Because of her busy schedule she wears the weaves. It saves time and keeps her (relaxed/color-treated) hair protected underneath. Her hair might not be as healthy as it used to be...but If she wanted to, she could get it back....who's to say and who knows the future.

  2. I am a professional hair braider.

    Beyonce's hair is really short. It will not grow pass a boy cut.

    If she had a head full of hair, her braids would be fuller.

    Beyonce's braids are thin because her hair is short and thin.

    Braiders share tips. Beyonce's hair is short and her braider charges a lot to braid her hair. Your hands must be small in order to grip her hair length.

  3. How long have beyonce had her hair braider?

    Many years and it's still short and at the same length.

  4. The lady sitting in the chair braids are bigger than beyonce. The beehive is lower.

  5. Not only that (points made above) but when she comes to the set in her braids did you notice the back was thicker than the font?

  6. her edges were thin and her braids were really thin in the front and the back.

    you can't tell me that's beyonce sitting down with those thick braids swirled around in a beehive. The hive is sitting in a different position than expose when she's in front of the camera with her braids.

    She kept moving her hand around the back of her head so that no one would catch on to her deceit.

  7. There were two women getting their hair braided. Beyonce's hair won't grow pass a boy cut. Her hair is a bit longer than Solange's hair.

    A perm at age 4.

  8. a tad bit longer than solange hair. I saw this on another blogsite and the blogger of course caters towards celebrities so that they can feed her stuff for her blog and pay her to stream ads on her site. anyways she talked about this but forgot to mentioned the real facts about this video clip.

    i had braids before when my hair was short and longer and i remember who the braider kept saying my hair had to grow a bit longer for her to grip. so i went to get feed-in cornrows but my hair style didn't stay in longer enough. six months later i went back and my cornrows were fuller and they stayed in longer. this clip made me remember my own braiding experiences. That long piece beyonce held up was really a track glued in to appear as if it was her real hair.

  9. at the last picture. beyonce neck is different than the other girl. Beyonce hair texture (bottom neck line seems a litle wavy). The other person hair looks course (check sp).

  10. You can tell where her real hair stops in that top picture on the right. look at the braid she's holding up. it's thick then it gets thin not even at half

  11. her assistance is actually staring at the point where beyonce's real hair stops. lol

  12. LMAO! Is the subject of "Beyonce's hair" really that serious?! All of this is nothing more then ANOTHER attempt to Criticize the woman!

    LMAO! @ people Seriously ANALYZING the condition of Beyonce's hair!

  13. Solange thought the subject of her hair was really important.

    It was so important that she went on Oprah to discuss it in detail.

    Point is, there's nothing real about Beyonce. Even her hair is FAKE and she will keep telling fibs about it.

  14. She actually created this video to end all hair rumors. Instead it backfired. It revealed too much about her hair.

  15. If she is so fake, why not just leave her alone!
    You people hate Beyonce and want everyone else to hate her too! Good luck with that.

  16. Hate is such a strong word.

    When you put yourself out there you are subjecting yourself to criticisms.

    Are we suppose to sit back and allow beyonce to mislead us? She's a poor representation of young colored females.

    She didn't finish high school just like Rihanna freak ass didn't finish high school.

    They both stayed home and allowed grown ass men to have sex with them. It's a masonic initition and they both sold their soul to hollywood.

    Rihanna claims that her reoccuring herpie sores are scars. BITCH PLEASE!

    You caught herpes in barbados during your years of sex school (stay at home style).

    You had it all you life and so it seems. You can't get rid out it.

    When you are stressed out you are forced to wear BRIGHT LIPSTICK or A BRIGHT ASS HAIR COLOR.

    These two bitches are deceptive!


  17. Rihanna didnt' finish highschool. Do she even understand that she has herpes and it's called a sore not a scar.


  18. Anon 4:32

    She understands enough to think she can fool people and in a way she can. She can fool the stupid ones, the same ones that can't be bothered to protect themselves. Those are her fans. Same for beyackie.

  19. Beyonce is the one who claimed she had long sandy blonde hair as a chlid and other black girls in school were jealous of her. She even claimed 4 yrs her blond Diana Ross inspired hair weaves was her hair. Ppl know she is blad head with only 4 inches of hair, her mother's bald and so is Solange. They can't grow hair past the boy-cut. Thats what happens when u perm ur childs tended baby hair at 4, it stunts hair growth while the old half of the Knowles women bladness is genectics.

  20. Beyonce wore fake hair when she appeared on Star Search.

    You don't perm a child's hair at age four. THEY ARE STILL GROWING AND THIS INCLUDES THEIR HAIR TOO!

  21. ya'll dumb.

    it's not a different person getting their hair braided. it's beyonce all the way. with that being said, it's still FAKE. you know why? well beccuz you can see the straight hair sticking out of the braids, especially when you see the stylist braiding that one braid. only fake hair does that. if it was her real hair then no straight spikes would be sticking out.

    i can't believe beyonce, that is too fake, and she must think ppl are stupid. damn she right cuz ya'll sittin here trying to say it's a different person. dumb. ya'll up here being suspect and don't even know how to find real evidence. just look closely at the braid and you'll see the straight spikes sticking out. ding ding ding! that's a sign of fake hair duh!

  22. All I can say is, Beyonce's so called beauty has been falsified. This chick is very average. Not that that is a bad thing, however when you are trying to sell the world on your beauty and body, please make sure it is legit. Shes looking harder and harder in the face as the years roll by.

  23. Beyonce's beauty is falsified. If you take a good look at this trick, she is getting more and more masculine looking in the face. Just like her so called mother.

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  26. I think it looks like two different cornrow sessions and not one. I was on set when she did the New York show in 2011 and her real hair was long. They later added pieces to make it look full and bouncy but her real hair was long and she had edges, etc.