Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jennifer Hudson

Will headline a Christmas special for ABC. The Christmas special will be titled, "Jennifer Hudson: I'll Be Home for Christmas" and it will air in December. This special will feature "Jennifer" reliving her childhood holidays with musical performances filmed in locations that are specific to her upbringings; the Oscar winner's church, music academy and other areas within her hometown of Chicago.

Many websites are reporting that this special will earn Jennifer an Emmy award and maybe another Oscar!


  1. There's this awful rumor floating around on youtube about blood sacrifice in hollywood for fame and it said that JHud did her folks in for fame. I hope this is not true but looking at all her success at such a fast rate these theories are very interesting.

  2. I believe whole heartily that this trick had her family sacrificed. The bitch wasn't sad enough for me. And look how she dumped her long time high school sweetheart to be with that faggot that she had the baby by. Something is just not adding up about this bitch. Her amd her damn sister had something to do with that shit. They had to kill the child because the kid could identify the killers. Also it makes a good sob story for the media. A situation like this causes the public heartache and saddness, this is what these devil worshippers live for. They get energy off of negative emotions.

  3. You are right J Hud didn't look sad but very empty in interviews after her family murders, i rember thinking she must have a really good therapist or she's just holding it all in. But time will tell she will be broke and back in the projects sooner than she think along with her that no good ass sista of hers!