Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In his own words, Wale (pronounced wah-lay) has revealed that he was once the "the insider's guy, Jay-Z's guy, Pharrell's guy and then P. Diddy's guy."

In 2005, the 24- year old Washington D.C. native, born "Olubowale Victor Folarion", ditched his football scholarship to enter into the hip hop arena for aspiring rappers.

To capture the attention of well known rappers, he presented a few of his mix tapes and made them available for free; online.

Wale, is quoted as saying "Free music is the way for the future...to get your music off the ground you've got to give it away for free at first". Very odd behavior for a struggling rap artist - unless you were already a "insider" getting paid under the table to perform a few adult related activites...

These "free" tapes caught the attention of producer "Mark Ronson"...and Ronson signed the rapper to his label "Allido Records".


  1. He's a immigrant who steals other people music and sell it underground.

    He only cop tapes from other underground artist. He search for tapes that's been recorded only once.

    He might've stomped ground in Washington D.C. but he wasn't born there.

    He's freestyling on a green card or did he find a U.S. Citizen to marry him.


  2. ^LOL!! hell yeah

    I can tell that he's lying on some shit; but he could've just said he Ghostwrote for the artists.

    Its a certain way to get in the music business and they aint let that nigga in like THAT. YOu gotta give up something in order to "make it"

    after they get tired of you; they dump and leave you alone

    oh well meh