Monday, August 17, 2009


Most recently, Beyonce Knowles went on record to share that she doesn't feel comfortable around a "large group" of people. I find this comment rather strange, i mean, soon after Michael Jackson's death...Beyonce attempts to relate directly to his childhood. Help me understand the reason why Beyonce has recently stepped forward to recite the following quote:

"I didn't go to regular school. I went to private school, then I was home-schooled because I was travelling with Destiny's Child. I didn't have a normal social life, and sometimes I think it's why I'm insecure around a large group of people. I shut down a bit. People expect me to be what they see on stage, but that's not who I am in real life"

Here's what she had to say about her personal life,

"I know some people worry people won't want to date you because you're famous, but I wasn't scared of that because I feel I have way more to offer than just being famous. I think that once people meet me and get to know me, you forget that I'm famous"
Quoting: Beyonce

In addition, many media outlets are reporting that Beyonce enrolled in a few ballet classes in New York City.

She enrolled in classes at Manhattan's Ailey School to rehearse for her last tour and checked in most recently...for a open ballet class, where she dance alongside a few upcoming ballet dancers. A ballet dancer has revealed that, "She came in like a regular student. No entourage and no attitude".

They say that Beyonce was there to improve her dancing skills but we're all aware that Beyonce was there to copy a few intricate dance moves from the Alvin Ailey dance ensemble.

Be Real...


  1. let me tell you something about beyonce. she was ordered to take a class at the alvin ailey class.

    she was on dancing with the stars last night pretending like she knew how to speak the language and recognize certain dance moves.

    she eavesdrops. is the same shit she did when she use to work at her mother hair salon.

    she enroll in a class just to understand the dance culture and speak their language.

    i see beyonce is getting tired of watching old video tapes are copying moves.

    now she is sneaking into a dance class and faking like miss innocent.


  2. she enroll into this class to pick up on the lingo that dancers share.

    she was there to conduct research for her "gig" as a judge.


    'America's Best Dance Crew': Beyonce's
    Unlike the Janet Jackson and Britney Spears episodes, the Beyoncé challenge was more than just the music the groups on "America's Best Dance Crew" would dance to. In personalized taped messages delivered to each crew, Sasha Fierce herself gave the crews songs and specific dances that they had to incorporate in their performances. A cool interaction, though it would've been awesome to see her perform with the crews like Missy Elliot did a couple seasons ago (one of the best episodes ever!). Still, it was a nice twist and exciting for the crews to realize that Beyoncé knows who they are.

    We Are Heroes. Move to the top of the class, you great pop-locking ladies. JC mentioned that they needed to use a bit more of the stage, but their formations to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" were so intricate on TV, no one would notice. Their crisp locking movements added to those statuesque poses. Not to continue the comparisons, but you never got the sexiness with Beat Freaks that you do with We Are Heroes (pictured below). It's one of the things that will also help them go far.

  4. Like a said, she was scheduled to take classes so she would'nt embarrased herself on national television.

    We all know that she's a dumb ass bimbo. She's probably paying someone to tell her on how to present herself in public.

    She has no self esteem. It's very low that's why she keeping talking about "she shuts down in large crowds".

    Now she's working on copying from the Alvin Ailey Dance Group.