Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessica White

Rumors are swirling around the internet that, Terrell Owens is reportedly dating the model Jessica White.

According to several sources, “She’s in the trailer for his new VH1 show, and they’re always out together,”.

Terrell and his love interest Jessica White were spotted together in Los Angeles and in New York as well.

In addition, Jessica White has added, "The Jessica White Diaries" to Russell Simmons forum @ Global Grind.


  1. Yeah, we are not deaf, we heard the news yesterday that TO got himself a new boo in Jessica White. But let the record show that we do not support this type of behavior because…one, she let the homie smash and two, we don’t think she’s badder than the young college chick that he was dating before her.

    So whose sloppy seconds is TO trying to get to move out to Buffalo with him so he can cake all day?…word on the street is that she’s let AJ from 106 and Park, John Legend, and J Holiday beat (when his one hit was hot).

    But the worst one of all…his homie, Kerry Rhodes from the Jets used to smash. Damn, TO…how are you going to wife when you know for a fact Jessica White Smashed the Homie. Nooooooo! I mean you didn’t see Danger win “For the Love of Ray J” after he found out she smashed the homie.



  2. Oh please and how many whores T.O. done "smashed""?!

    Don't that nigga got herpes? (or is that Vick?)

    I'm not excusing who she had sex with, but she grown why she can't get down? Im not sure if she has a disease (lol) but as long as you protect youself, who cares who she fucked? apparently that nigga T.O. ain't trippin lol she must be doing SOMETHING right

    but T.O. is a lame nigga anyway so meh she can have him

  3. I saw a clip from this show on bossip website. VH1 is full of shit. The show is pretty much based on TO having to choose between a white woman and a black woman. When TO showed up at his ex-girl house you can tell that someone else was in that house or just left.

    The white girl is dating another well known NFL player.

    Jessica white is just a slut and she's into in for more exposure and to stick TO for all that he's worth.

  4. Jessica White was born with a intersex condition. Check her photos from ten years ago.