Thursday, August 20, 2009


As websites stream the music video for Jay-Z's new track titled, "Run This Town". A editor for "Now" magazine has revealed that within this video, Jay-Z is seen with a image of "Mao Zedong" painted on the back of his leather jacket.

To provide insight into the ideology of "Maoism", here's a quote from Joshua Errett's article:

"Maoism is blamed in no small part for the deaths of millions, in China and neighbouring Asian countries (Cambodia's Khymer Rouge were extreme Maoists, and also extremely genocidal). It's fairly safe to say that in the still Communist-panicked U.S. (have you seen those town halls?), Mao is seen as a villain, without much nuance".

Jay-Z is trying to master the art of sending out subliminal messages. Is he trying to tell us that he's a maoist?

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