Friday, August 28, 2009


During last night's episode of, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", Lisa and NeNe went shopping at a well known bargain spot in Atlanta.

Many locals from Atlanta were a bit shocked that Bravo didn't air the price tags while Lisa and NeNe were shopping.

Here's a comment from a local blogger:

"Last night I was totally caught off guard when Real Housewives of Atlanta featured NeNe and Lisa visiting fab'rik! They usually allow us to see price tags right? We only saw NeNe and Lisa leaving the store with tons of bags in their hands and the clerks wishing them a fun trip.

Well fab'rik is a chic trendy shop and they have four locations in Atlanta. The reason Bravo did NOT show us how much the merchandise actually cost is because most of everything in the entire store is under $100!

I feel that fab'rik is accessible luxury and it would have been really nice if Bravo would have allowed the ladies to tell why they like the clothes! Luxury is a perception and educating consumers is a responsibility for marketers."

We all know - now - that Lisa came from the "bottom" and worked her way to the top, so to speak. It would've been great to know that she still "Bargain" shops, because your never when "it" can be taken away from you.

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