Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Game

...has teamed up with Jaz-O on the latest Jay-Z diss track.

The last time The Game allowed Jay-Z and Beyonce's name to fall out of his mouth, he was dropped from a few endorsements. However, because Jaz-O never signed his contract, he's free to speak his mind.

Here's what Jaz-O had to say:

When I first did it
Twista wasn't even in the business
Knew Big when he wasn't even in the business
Put the little n---- Jay-Z in the business...
Been a match since 'Hawaiian Sophie,
don't you ice grill with the phony frills
Still, act like you know me homie...Jaz-O
stupid motherf---er not Shawn
Never been blast on a Tupac song
The originator...

Jaz-O has been credited for schooling Jay-Z as a teenager and introducing him to the world through a record titled, "Hawaiian Sophie".


  1. Jaz-o discovered that Jay-Z was his biological brother when they worked on "Hawaiian Sophie".

    The Game went exactly where Jay-Z knew he would travel to..his "roots".

    "Been a match since 'Hawaiian Sophie". The blood test revealed that they were...ARE BROTHERS!

  2. How come Jaz-o is still alive?

    When dudes have a beef with Jay-Z and the plot thickens, they go running to the person who had a longer beef with the rapper.


    The set up.

  3. "stupid motherf---er not Shawn"

    His biological name isn't "Shawn".


  4. Jaz.. Looks like Ike Turner.... Get a side by side..!