Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roxanna Floyd

The make-up artist to celebrities has died; at age 49. It's being reported that she passed away in her sleep at her home in New York.

According to reports:

Brooklyn-based makeup artist Roxanna Floyd, who made sure celebrities put their best face forward, has died. She was 49.

Her family gave no cause of death. She died in her sleep at her home in Clinton Hill.

Over a three-decade career, Floyd's artistry could be seen in motion pictures, on book jackets and on more than 200 magazine covers. She "worked on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica," her office said.

Her first celebrity client was Yoko Ono, and she went on to do 60 Essence covers, the first featuring Halle Berry.

She is survived by her husband, Rick Ramos; her mother, Alberta (Bertha) Floyd; one niece, and two nephews. A funeral will be held Saturday at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 279 Lafayette Ave. in Brooklyn.

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  1. damn! this is the same lady that sued queen latifah in march of 2009. then those pictures of queen latifah and her stripper friends hit the internet. It haven't been a year and she's gone.

  2. "A makeup artist and a fashion stylist say in twin lawsuits that they got ugly treatment from Queen Latifah when she cheated them out of $1 million.

    Amanda Silverman, a spokeswoman for the actress whose roles in movies include "Hairspray" and "Mad Money," says she can't comment on pending litigation but that the lawsuits have no merit.

    Celebrity cosmetology consultant Roxanna Floyd said she lost $700,000 when the rapper-actress failed to pay her for work she did between July 2005 and February 2008.

    In a separate lawsuit, celebrity fashion stylist Susan Moses said she was cheated of $300,000 during the same period.

    The lawsuits were filed Monday in federal court in Manhattan."

  3. Is Susan Moses alive?

    These people will do anything to protect the real truths behind their off screen lives.

  4. Queen Latifah's transition from rap royalty to beloved movie star has been as smooth as her voice. Despite a few misguided bouffants, her looks have evolved just as naturally. "She hates extensions," says Julie Baker, her longtime stylist. "She could wear a ponytail for the rest of her life and be happy." Roxanna Floyd, Latifah's regular makeup artist, says the star's skin "has undertones that adapt to light or super-deep colors. She likes subtle makeup, effortless glam." The Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs star is also a sweetheart. "When we finish an event," says Floyd, "she showers until the hotel bathroom is steamy, rips off her false lashes, and draws a smiley face in the mirror with them. That's her way of saying goodbye."



  5. Roxanna Floyd, a celebrity cosmetologist, claims Latifah did not pay $700,000 for services rendered between July, 2005 and February, 2008.

    Susan Moses, a celebrity fashion stylist, claims Latifah did not pay $300,000 for services rendered between July, 2005 and February, 2008.

  6. King latifah is definately a Satanist. I also believed that she had something to do with that rapper that recently passed away WHO was with Flava Unit. She is most definately offering up sacrifices to the beast. And what really happenned to her brother?

    They killed that makeup artist. Died in her sleep my ass.


  7. Right @ BLACKGOD!

    Her family failed to disclose what really happened.

    These people are foodies. They will feed you a fine course meal that will kill you in your sleep.

    Did someone suffocate her?

    The hermaphrodite latifah has a lot of skeletons in her closet. Someone leaked pictures of her. Everyone knows that she's gay. She murdered her brother. She murdered this lady and others.

    It's death to you if you disclose her life off screen.

  8. Where is Susan Moses? Is she alive?

  9. Nobody killed my cousin ignorant ass ! Roxie is my cousin and she was sick. And her her mom my aunt jus died last week. So let her RIP with her dad and mom. I'm sure she's not worried abt the settlement. Thanks Angela B. for coming Tuesday also! Love Roxy

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