Friday, February 5, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne:

In the February 2010 issue of Time Magazine, Ozzy Osbourne provides insight into his past and present life as a entertainer, father and husband. During this interview, one is able to quickly snatch up a few learning lessons from a man who has lived his life to the fullest.

Here are 10 Questions answered by the musician; Ozzy Osbourne:


  1. This has to be one of the most Demonic Families around. I still can't get over Ozzy biting the head off of that bat. Than the powers that be has the nerve to convict Michael Vick. Them and their double standards. Than they have the audacity to call Hunting season where they go kill innocent deers for game.


  2. after he bit the head off of a bat, he didn't know that it triggered his current health conditions. His family is still suffering at the fault of this.

    He brought all hail to him and his family. He didn't care much about them back then but now that his music has come to a halt, he realize that family always comes first. In the end, that's all you have.

    I bet Lil wayne regrets some of the tatoos he has. Just want until he turn 80 years old.

  3. Ozzie makes a killing on the his wallapalooza music festivals so your comment regrading his music is moot. He no longer has to make records to bring in the cash. Thousands of fans are more than willing to see him in person.
    While I don't doubt the bat caused some health problems so did the drugs and alcohol.

  4. @ 7:32 AM

    Shit - he moves around like that injured bat whose head he bit off.

  5. Regardless of the amount of money he pulls in. I bet he'll trade it in for better health and no health bills.

  6. I hear that it cost more to keep a celebrity of his kind - out of the hospital.

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