Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Julia Lira

The 7-Year-Old drew the eyes of parents, social workers and child welfare advocates around the world when she performed at recent carnival events in Brazil.

The young girl shook her toosh and marched alongside sultry models and actresses. It's being reported that a judge ruled last week that she could join in on parade activites. Julia wore a lot of makeup, a sequined halter top and a miniskirt made of purple feathers. She also stood next to a 7 (or 9) year old boy dressed in a pimp inspired suit.

It was also reported that the 7 year old marched alongside her mother during this parade:

The parents (biological mother and father) of 7-Year-Old Julia Lira is responsible for this crap:


  1. This is some sick shit. Why on earth would a parent put their child on display. Protective Child Services should check this out and make sure that the parents are not prostituting this child. This is not normal.

  2. Prostituting is legal in brasil.

    Little girls like this are sold to the highest bidder.

    My question is why was she the only little seven year old girl on display?

    Who stood in front of a junior to teenage all-male marching band.

  3. Her parents already sold her viginity to the presiding judge.

    This is called the beyonce effect.

  4. Look who's standing behind the young adult - a bunch of pirates as in pedophiles!

  5. I think that their is nothing wrong with her dancing in the parade, her parents need to put more clothes on her and be their to make sure she is protected.