Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian:

Funny - The aspiring rapper slash model Michael Girgenti is claiming that he's the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s 1-month-old son Mason.

Michael Girgenti has revealed that he had unprotected sex with Kourtney 9 months before she gave birth to her son Mason. This took place during her on and off again relationship with Scott Disick.

According to Michael:
“If Mason is Scott’s son, more power to him. But if he’s mine, I need to be with him, to be a part of his life. It’s been eating away at me for months,”.

Michael Girgenti is demanding that Kourtney gives him a paternity test.

Many websites are reporting that Kourtney is very upset over Michael's claims.

Kourtney and Michael

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  1. interesting. she cold be using the child as an excues to hold on to that no ggo boy friend Scott whoe refuses to marry her.