Thursday, February 4, 2010

Story Time:

Say it ain't so...

There's a book heating up the urban book shelves titled "Take Her Man". The story line seems a bit common and a lot like the singer 'Beyonce Knowles' personal life. Funny - I wonder if Beyonce granted 'Grace Octavia' permission to use her name in a published novel. It's also strange that there's a character name "Tasha" (rhymes with Sasha) and Lionel (Beyonce's old flame) and the author has roots in New York, City and oddly resembles Matthew Knowles and Kelly Rowland (prior to those surgical procedures).

Judge for yourself...

Here's a paragraph from the actual novel:

Take Her Man: Grace Octavia


  1. New York City -It Girl- Troy Smith thought she-d have her ring by spring. But there-s been a change in plans-

    Troy is a beautiful, successful black woman who-s convinced her boyfriend, Dr. Julian James, is the man of her dreams-until he says he wants a break. Brokenhearted and confused, Troy knows there-s only one thing to do: get her girls to throw her an official 3T Break Up Party! Established during their days at Hampton University, the break up party was how Troy, Tamia, and Tasha--The 3Ts--survived the drama of relationship bust-ups. Now it-s Troy-s turn to step out and party again. There-s just one problem: Julian-s stepping out too-with a new sister on his arm. So it-s time to get down and dirty and put the 3T Take-Her-Man plan into action. No matter how long it takes, she is going to win back her man.

    A devilishly entertaining novel, Take Her Man also includes rules, regulations, and recipes for becoming a real life -It Girl.

    Julian??? Beyonce's bodyguard name is Julian

  2. Dr. Julian????


  3. Damn Is there a book actually out that is using Bey's name in it. Oh shit. I wonder did she authorize it and if so do you think she is saying how her man was taken. Sorry I'm not following.


  4. Her bodyguard is called Julius. But, this is QUITE interesting. I wonder how this will play out. :-D

  5. Right @ BLACKGOD AND Miss Andi K.

    You should browse through her other novels. She use Dame Dash name as a main character.

    You know how Beyonce always shut down websites that has her name in their url. Well, i too wonder if she authorize this author to use her full name (that includes the accent in her first name). And it's a bit weird that the author look like Mathew Knowles.

    Tasha (Sasha).

    Beyonce said her cousin gave her the Sasha stage name but she wouldn't reveal that person's name.

    Take her man???? Sloppy?

    The "it" girl?