Tuesday, February 16, 2010


...has been cast as a kinky dominatrix in the upcoming remake of Berry Gordy's 1985 martial arts classic "The Last Dragon". She will appear on screen opposite of Samuel L. Jackson.

Speaking of re-makes, Jay-Z has went on record to reveal that the "We Are The World" track and music video should not have been remade.


  1. Screw Jay-Z!

    He can't stand T-Pain or LL Cool J or better yet 80% of the rappers who actually showed up.

    The song is much better without the appearance of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

  2. You can't even compare thriller to We Are The World.

    They rest on different sides of the spectrum.

    Grouping a few celebrities to re-create a song for a cause was simple.

    Back then it was for Africa. Now - it's for Haiti.

    He's such a kill joy.

    Go kill yourself Jay-Z!

  3. wonder how he feel about rihanna joining a re-make that shouldn't be touched.

    Samuel L. Jackson is starring as Leroy? The original actor is still alive.

    Why wasn't he cast?

    Man that's like remaking "The Man From Another Planet".

    Don't touch "The Last Dragon" or "The Man From Another Planet".

    Urban Classics!

  4. They should cast Jay-Z as Sho'nuff!

  5. Don't touch Michael Jackson work.

    He was in a class all my himself.

    Leave his work alone.

    Lionel and Quincy need to sit down.

  6. They did it for Haiti not to please the rapper Jay-Z.

  7. Actually Jay-Z is playing both sides...they didn't do it for Haiti or to please Jay-Z, they did it for (Y)Our Money.
    I think it shouldn't have been re-made either, because just like the last "We Are The World", most of the people involved didn't care. This re-make is the same thing. It's time for you people to Open your Eyes, Wake Up, & See how we're being played, please.

  8. @ 8:31 AM

    At the end of the day, it's all about the money.

    The poor gives and the rich take.

  9. The creative quincy jones couldn't come up with a new version of "We Are The World"?

    Why not create a new song and title it 'For Haiti'?