Friday, February 5, 2010

Yo Gotti

First Gucci Mane gets arrested now this:

Rapper YO GOTTI is fighting allegations of drug possession after his tour bus was stopped and searched by border authorities in Texas on February 4, 2010.

The rapper whose real name is Mario Mims, and members of his entourage were arrested by Texas Border Patrol officers on Thursday February 4, 2010 when sniffer dogs identified "narcotics" on board the vehicle.

Here's the actual video footage:


  1. This was definately a set up. It's time for these simple rappers to wake up. They are not playing. The powers that be have an agenda and they plan on executing it as quickly as possible.

    1. Reduce human population

    2. Insert the microchip, that will not only have all your info on it(financial, medical, criminal,and social), they will also be able to control your thoughts and emotions. They have been implanting these chips in pets for years now. They don't even want the remaining population to have their own thoughts.

    3. Destroy our food source. That is why they made it difficult for the family farmer's business to survive because they want us to rely solely on them,

    4. Destory the children's mind. All this satanic music, video games, movies, name it

    5. Control the weather....Don't think that the Sunami, Katrina, or Haiti was a act of god. It was the act of Haarp weapontry.

    The list is endless. But yall there is STILL hope. You see, we out number them. If we wake up, we can win this thing. But we must move quickly THE HOUR GLASS IS ALMOST EMPTY.



  2. They can't wait to sent Kayne West to Jail.

    These rappers are getting caught. They rap about what they do during their tour stops (idle times).

    They carry guns and smoke weed. Just because they carry this celebrity status doesn't mean jack to those who abide by the law.

    JaRule is preparing to do hard time as well.