Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyonce Knowles

Singer Beyonce Knowles announced during a live broadcast of the MTV Awards that she's expecting. That's right...Beyonce Knowles is Pregnant. After the singer performed her new single "Love On Top", she rubbed her stomach and the crowd went crazy; including her husband..Jay-Z. Early in the year, the singer stated, "I always said I would have a baby at 30.", well she's turning 30 on September 4th and she's having a baby.


  1. How many kids does that make for Beyonce? I think this is a publicity stunt for the MTV Awards.

  2. crazy. she's pregnant. How many children do Jay-Z have? I'm not hating or anything, just please tell me if beyonce is giving birth to Jay-Z's fifth child.


  4. If I had some extra cash I would bet she's ( or her rent a womb) is having twins.

  5. Early in the year, the singer stated, "I always said I would have a baby at 30.", well she's turning 30 on September 4th and she's having a baby.

    Don't they mean turning 30 for the 10th time. That itch is going on 40 and has to go ahead and give the media a baby since her clock is ticking.
    Oh and for the record, she already has a child. . .Solonge.


  7. HSK was the first to reveal that 28 year old Cathy White was Jay Z’s mistress. Don’t believe me? Ask Claudia Jordan.

    Yesterday, I got the news that Cathy Michelle White had suddenly passed away, so I quickly began my investigation and guess what? Cathy did not die from a brain aneurysm as reported widely around the internet today. According to an NYPD detective who told me, “Cathy’s cause of death is uncertain” and, “later today we will have the autopsy and toxicology reports”. Right now the death is considered. suspicious.

    Cathy White died exactly ONE YEAR to the day from when I broke the story of her and Jay Z’s affair.

    Here’s exactly what the NYPD told me:

    “A 911 call came in from an apartment on 130 West 19 street in Manhattan. Ambulance came and took Cathy because she was sick. They took her to the Beth Israel hospital and that’s where she expired.

    It’s was to early to be speculating that an aneurism killed her. They will be doing an autopsy later today to check out her cause of death. But someone might have given Cathy a bad drug so they’ll do a toxicology and we’ll have to wait two weeks for that report.”

    Wait there’s more!!!

    Two weeks prior to her death Cathy was contacted by a major tabloid that was investigating the Jay Z connection. She gave them little information to go on – but according to one of our sources, following her conversation with the tabloid, she called Jay and told him that she was going to go public with their affair (for a price). This all happened in the last two weeks.

    Then little more than 48 hours after the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant with Jay Z’s baby this young lady suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances.

    Was Cathy trying to extort Jay Z? I don’t know, but if Jay Z and Cathy had a phone conversation the cops will be talking to him. Know why? Because Cathy’s death is going to be investigated mane.

  8. Ever since told you about the RUMOR in celebrity circles that Beyonce was wearing a FAKE baby bump, people have DOUBTED our report.
    Well now . . . we have EVIDENCE. Last night, Beyonce was interviewed on British television - and she EXPOSED her prosthetic bump. As the below photos show, when Bey went to sit down, her "stomach" folder over - into a position that is IMPOSSIBLE for a REAL pregnant belly to bend.
    And then, when Bey realized that she may have inadvertently revealed that she was wearing a prosthetic - she had a "BUSTED" look on her face.
    Dang Bey, why you have to LIE???? Makes us wonder . . . is she even REALLY PREGNANT????
    Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE REPORT. If you don't . . . we will NEVER link to ANY of your reports . .. EVER!!!"

  9. Thw shit done hit the fan....

    Beyonce's father wanted singer to raise half-brother as her own, claims mother of his love child. When Beyonce's baby bump appeared to fold in two during an appearance on Australian TV earlier this month, tongues began to wag.
    Though suggestions that was wearing a prosthetic were slammed, many conspiracists suggested that the 30-year-old singer and her rapper husband Jay-Z, 41, were trying to conceal the use of a surrogate.
    Now her father Mathew Knowles' former mistress is claiming that the 60-year-old asked her to hand over the child they conceived during their affair, for the superstar couple to raise as their own.

    Former Scrubs star Alexsandra Wright, 40, revealed Mathew's bizarre plan to have the superstar raise her own half-brother to America's Star magazine.
    Alexsandra recalled: 'My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay-Z was, 'Are you out of your mind?'

    The actress, who gave birth to son Nixon on February 4 last year after her 18-month extramarital affair with Beyonce's father and former manager ended, added: 'Nothing in the world, no amount of money would make me give up my child, you can't buy my child from me!'

    When that peculiar suggestion was rebuffed, Mathew then allegedly went on to offer the new mother money to leave his name off the birth certificate.
    She rebuffed this offer, too.

    Mathew denied that he was Nixon's father when Alexsandra filed a paternity suit in October 2009 at her six month pregnancy mark.

    The couple had been living together in Beverly Hills while Mathew was married to Beyonce's mother, Tina, 57.
    But the suit forced Tina's hand, and she finally served her husband with divorce papers a month later, after thirty years of married life.

    Beyonce then severed her professional relationship with her father earlier this year, though released a statement relaying that their personal relationship remained full 'of love.'

    Read more:

  10. I was watching X factor the other day and have this theory and strange feeling that Rachel Crow is Beyonce's daughter and Etta James is her grandmother. Rachel has an uncanny resemblance to Etta James. The singing talent has been passed down for 3 generations (usually musical talent is passed down). It is documented and admitted by her adoptive parents that Rachel Crow was a crack baby and her parentage is unknown. Maybe this story was planted and made up to make a believable story of how Rachel surfaced. Clearly, Rachel is being groomed and shows signs of being MK ULTRA like Beyonce & Etta. That breakdown was also a way to catapult her into the Hollywood stratosphere. Also, during the the breakdown, she showed signs of multiple personality & bipolar disorder. I found it very strange that she went from 1 to 10 & screaming to her adoptive mother that winning was promised to her which is also an indication that she is being groomed. Beyonce is a known sex slave for rich white execs & has had many abortions. I am sure she had a baby during her nearly 40 years on this planet & this child was taken from her & passed off as a crack baby & now is being groomed & called the next Beyonce/Etta James. There is no mistake how producers had Rachel Crow sing Etta James "I'd Rather go blind" & Beyonce's "If I were a boy". Just like it was no mistake casting Beyonce in Cadillac Records as Etta James. I believe Beyonce & Rachel have White ancestry & Etta James father is a White man- whose parentage is unknown too. The looks are uncanny between the three & like Etta James who was a sex slave too, she had a child and it was taken away from her and groomed to be Beyonce. Matthew Knowles adopted her or she was given to him & Tina & they raised her has their own. Etta James was high most of her life so I am sure she does not recall giving birth & as much brainwashing going on- it makes sense. Rachel Crow is Beyonce's daughter by a white older man. The TRUTH will come out!

  11. @4:47 I figure Rachel Crow had to be related to Etta James. I just knew it. Thank you for breaking it down.

  12. Maybe the surrogate went invitro with Cathy Michelle White's eggs before she was killed. If she's dead it's too late for a blood test.