Monday, August 29, 2011

Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross album, "Teflon Don” is facing a lawsuit for trademark infringement, common-law trademark rights, trademark delusion, unfair competition, tortious interference and fraud and identity theft. The rapper Teflon Don, born Donald Askew Jr, has stated that he received his stage name while in the U.S. Military more than 10 years ago and shares that Rick Ross and his crew are fully aware of his existence. According to online reports, "Rapper Teflon is naming rapper Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Def Jam, Universal Music Group, Slip N Slide Records and Maybach Music Group in his lawsuit". The suit was filed today in federal court in Memphis, TN.


  1. Rapper Rick Ross Unconscious After Seizure

    Rick Ross is unconscious and paramedics are desperately trying to resuscitate him.

    Rick was on a flight going from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis today, when the rapper lost consciousness. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

    Emergency workers tell us the call came in at 12:55 PM ET ... the caller reported a seizure.

    Ross is currently on a gurney at the airport, and an eyewitness tells us EMT workers are administering CPR. Members of Rick's entourage are standing by, some of them extremely emotionally

    family member tells TMZ, Rick is currently under close supervision and is doing fine. We're told drugs and alcohol were not involved.

    10:50 AM PST: Rapper Wale -- one of Rick's closest friends -- just tweeted, "I just talked to Ross...he's 100 pct ok.." Another member of Rick's entourage DJ Sam Sneaker also says the rapper is okay.

    10:36 AM PST: A witness tells TMZ, Rick fell unconscious right after take-off.

    We're told his entourage jumped out of their seats to alert plane personnel -- at which point a doctor on board administered CPR on the rapper.

    The plane made an emergency landing right away -- and we're told, as Rick was being wheeled off the aircraft, he appeared to show signs of life.

    Source: TMZ

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