Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rapper Meek Millz

Some Canadian rappers are known to develop the bad habit of reinventing lyrics and stage names. At age 23, Canadian rapper Milli Millz and Philadelphia native Meek Millz are on a rise to dominate the industry. With the rap industry currently at grabs for stage name, it's kinda puzzling that Canadian rapper Milli Millz's stage name was pulled from a stage name given to Philly native Meek Millz at age 14/15. In a interview with MTV News, the rapper "Meek Millz" reveals how his stage name was created:

"I was using that rap name when I was like 14, 15. But then, as I got older, 18, I started being in the streets. I ain't calling myself no millionaire running around the streets and I'm hurting, so I just ended up cutting it short to 'Meek Mill,' and I left it at that,"

Currently unknown is how the Canadian rapper Milli Millz came up with his stage name.


  1. "Scared money don’t make none" - Milli Millz

    "Getting money don't make no money and if i ever go broke i'ma take your money" - Meek Millz

  2. Does sound confusing, "Meek Millz" vs Milli Millz.