Friday, March 4, 2011

Singer: Rihanna

Rihanna's performance in Sydney is planned for tonight. Prior to her performance, the singer was spotted at The Optus Head Office in North Ryde getting quite cozy with the CEO of Optus:

She was also spotted leaving the Beppis restaurant in Darlinghurst. The owner of the restaurant, Beppi Polese, escorted the singer outside to a group of awaiting paparazzis. Rihanna left Beppi Polese with a kiss and warm embrace, then she made her way to the Tool Shed, a sex shop in the Surry Hills:


  1. ^smh

    Did she S&M these two dudes?

  2. Rihanna hitting a sex shop in my hometown of Sydney, Australia, this week left me clutching my sides with glee. Having been to the actual store myself – imaginatively called the Tool Shed – I’m not surprised the S&M singer left with two big bags of goodies… because I know I did!

    So let me assure you from first-hand knowledge that the shop in question is not the sort that would render your flip-flops permanently stuck to the floor.

    In fact, the shop has been an icon of Sydney’s gay and lesbian district for over 30 years, welcoming people of all ages and sexuality into its salubrious haven of gadgets, gizmos, literature and a number of items I can’t really tell you about, as I had my hypnotherapist remove them from memory.

  3. smh @ Rihanna visiting the Tool Shed!

    "In fact, the shop has been an icon of Sydney’s gay and lesbian district for over 30 years".

  4. Rihanna is a freak!

    "So what was in Ri-Ri’s bag when she left the Oxford Street store? Well at the moment the Tool Shed’s top-selling products include Adjustaclit Rabbits, Clone-A-Willy and even a Stretchy Silicone cockring. How can any A-list star resist?"

    ^Her purchase from ToolShed.

  5. what the hell is rhino doing with these two old men? i starting to wonder is this sex child slave thing is real, i wonder is this how she got herpies?

  6. rhianna is a little slut infested with herpes who sings like a billy goat in heat!!!