Thursday, March 3, 2011

Singer: Bobby Brown

“Like six and half years ago, it all came crashing down. I didn't want to be the person I was becoming at the time. I got off heroin and cocaine...My children were a major influence to my change. They are everything to me. I have a granddaughter, she calls me 'Pop Pop.' I am living the life God intended for me. Twenty years ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today....I would do so many things different, but I still don't regret the things in my life because they have made me the man I am today." --- Singer Bobby Brown reveals to the Singersroom before pictures of his daughter Bobbi Kristina snorting "Cocaine" hit the internet:

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  1. It just breaks my heart seeing Bobbi Kris turn in this direction. I was hoping she would break the cycle of not following the same of her parents directions especially drugs and alcohol. My thing is Whitney should of let Bobbi Kris stay with her grandmother. It is never to late for change, and I hope somebody come and get this poor child some help. Bobby Kris looks exactly like Bobby from the facial expressions to the teeth.

  2. My only question is Whitney still on the stuff as well? As for Bobby Kris being on drugs, I notice how small and frail she looks. Bobbi Kris weight loss does not look or seem natural at all. I hope she gets better. There is no telling how much Bobby Kris have seen in her lifetime.

  3. I knew something was wrong with Bobbi Kris because for a long time she use to be this chubby kid. It took her a long time to lose the weight.

    After she started to hang out with the wrong crowd, she began losing weight.

    It had to be the cocaine and in those pictures, she's snorting and separating the spreads like a pro.

    My point is, where was Bobbi when her parents got high and left coke on the dining room table?

    This is a sad situation on many levels.

  4. Dag.
    She actually admitted that these pictures are real.
    She said it was during a difficult time in her life.
    Well, how old was she?
    She just turned 18.

    Was she 16 snorting cocaine?

    The pictures look like a initiation party into Hollywood.

    Ask Whitney and Bobbi what did they give up to become celebrities.

    They snorted their way to the top. Fall off. Now they are climbing up with their daughter who is addicted.

  5. They snorted their way to the top.
    Fell off.
    Now they are climbing up with their daughter who is becoming a functional addict.

  6. This is a damn shame I hate how Bobby Kris life is going.

    Whitney banned Bobbi Kristina from MySpace back when she was only 14 years old after THESE PHOTOS surfaced of her drinking and smoking weed.

    Read more:

    Bobby Kris was only 14 years old smoking and drinking.

  7. She was probably 14 when she started snorting coke. At these exclusive parties, the children of the wealthy gather to celebrate while their parents are traveling the world.

    They start off with some light. It's usally wine then liquor. After they pick up a little buzz it's on to weed. After they began to leap out character they heavy stuff rolls around on a silver platter.

    The drugs keeps passing around until someone passs out.

    This is a test to determine how much you can handle.

    It's gets better as they get older.