Friday, March 4, 2011

Spotted: Kim Kardashian

TV Personality Kim Kardashian and her friend Brittny Gastineau (not pictured) were spotted at their favorite nail salon in Beverly Hills, Ca getting pampered on March 2nd:


  1. I cannot get over Kim's new song; it is beyond horrible. Kim did not really sound like she sing the song more like read the lyrics. I thought this was a joke. Kim think she can become a pop star well somebody lie to her. I know Kim slept with Teddy Rupxin aka Dream to get her studio access. Kim does not have any talent her sex tape suck (laying there like a dead fish). Kim cannot dance (Prince kick her ass off the stage with a quickness). Kim cannot sing; she is such a waste of space.

  2. lol! we can really see kimmy's age in these pics!