Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Service: Eddie Bishop Long

Service at Bishop Eddie Long' New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is streaming live. If you didn't make it to service this morning, click here.

8:00am Service

11:00am Service


  1. He claims that he's a prophet because he proclaimed that the Atlanta Falcons would win last Sunday and they did.

    So he says that he's a prophet.

  2. He's preaching from his marble podium.

  3. Dude preaching from a ipad - oh he's fancy now.

  4. Some of you have given up your life to a snake that's about to bite you.

    A promise is no more valuable than the ability of the one who makes it.

  5. Those boys gave up their life and they knew that the Bishop was a snake. So now they are trying to bite the snake?

  6. "God Has never broke a promise...not one" - Eddie Long

  7. "...Nor has their been any circumstances that's out of his control..."

    "You stop believing..."

  8. " i got everybody giving me daddy said..but what did GOD tell hold fast to that..if you start listening to that..."

    "..get the best lawyers you can...get the great i am...the great i am will keep what he said.."

    "Why hold fast to my hope? For he who promise is..."

  9. "God Knows whose naughty and nice..."

  10. " nothing is wanting..."

    "Lord i am complete...nothing is wanting".

  11. "There are moments where i have doubted GOD. I have lowered him..."

  12. "A promise is no more valuable than the person who made it. That's why you can't get good stuff out of bab people..."

  13. "God has never broken a promise"

  14. "There are more millionaires being made in the history of this nation, more than ever and most are young people."

  15. "The young people don't have the history to dount their source"

  16. "to doubt their soure"

  17. Let me share this bit of truth with you:

    When i was young (A teenager), i would frequent the Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

    The Bishop Eddie Long was there for a weekend visit - that Sunday he was on schedule to give his sermon.

    At the time, I had a boyfriend who spent a lot of time at Shiloh Baptist Church; despite his non-membership.

    During this weekend, i went to the gym at Shiloh with my boyfriend. The Bishop came down to the gym and watched him perform. After his workout, the bishop ask to speak with him. It was a lengthy conversation.

    I stayed in the gym to continue my workout. Thirty minutes later, my boyfriend at the time appeared, he was ready to leave.

    On the way to his apartment, he shared his conversation with the Bishop Eddie Long. The Bishop introduced himself and shared his church mission and accomplishments. He also discussed becoming his mentor and sponsoring his education. In return, he asked my then boyfriend to mentor his son and teach him about bodybuilding. At the end of the conversation, the Bishop gave my then boyfriend his business card.

    My then boyfriend developed a 15 year relationship with the bishop, who sent him care packages during his college years at a well-known Ivy League college.

    After the develop of this relationship with the Bishop, my ex-boyfriend became weird and very distant. The bishop sent him airline tickets to visit in Atlanta and other cities. The bishop also flew to Pennsylvania and spent time in the Gym at the Univ. of Pennsylvania.

    My ex-boyfriend kept a journal and he wrote all about time spent with Bishop Eddie Long and it was very detailed.

    This information that i read was a bit too much for me to handle, so i did whatever i had to - to get out of the relationship.

    He was losing his religion by associating with a group of pastors who offered money, clothes, trips in exchange for his silence.

    In the beginning he shared it all with me, then after he witnessed a real ritual, he no longer communicated with me. Instead, he wrote everything in his journals and it destroyed our relationship.

    He's very successful today, because he gave up his soul and sperm (and fathered children for the Bishops' women of selection).

    The Bishop travels around the world and picks up children who visit the Church on weekends (Friday and Saturday and sometimes during the weekdays, if he's in your town).