Saturday, October 9, 2010

Musicial Selection: Tupac Shakur

"...How do we keep the music do we get ahead...". Quoting: Tupac Shakur

"...Make them understand me..."

"...Currency means nothing if you still ain't breeds jealousy..take the game from me...". Quoting: Tupac Shakur


  1. These felonies be like prophecies
    Begging me to stop
    Cause These lawyers getting money
    Everytime they knock us
    Slashing pockets lyrically
    Suckers fleed when they notice
    Switched my name to Makaveli
    Half the rap game closed
    Expose foes, with my hocus pocus flows
    They froze

  2. “I believe that Death Row Records, which included dozens and dozens of police officers at all levels, according to a high-level police officer that investigated them, was a front company and was trying to continue penal coercion and mess up [Tupac Shakur's] head,” Potash says during a weekday morning phone interview. “Death Row, of course, published the most negative songs he ever produced.”

  3. Today In Entertainment History:

    In 1995, rapper Tupac Shakur was released after spending eight months in jail for groping and fondling a woman in a New York hotel room.

  4. "...Producers of the NBC Sitcom, Glee, have decided to do an entire episode based on the music of Tupac Shakur..."

  5. "...SEO is becoming the Tupac Shakur of online marketing."