Monday, October 11, 2010


The rapper/actor has interviewed with CNN's Anderson Cooper for a segment on 60 minutes. During this interview, the rapper shared repeating the 9th grade three times, developing his lyrical craft and living life without knowing his father. He goes on to discuss his drug addictions and how he managed to place his life on the right tracks:


  1. This interview was more like, how did you develop so many black fans? lol

    Why do black people enjoy your music? Why do you have so many black friends?

    How did you become the coolest white kid among black people?


  2. Why are Nubians looking up to this cracker? Like he invented rap music. LISTEN UP, HE STOLE OUR MUSIC!! FUCK HIM

  3. He didn't fit in with the white crowd because his mother was on drugs, welfare and Em' didn't excel in school. He kept repeating the 9th grade (3 times), i mean he lost off of his white friends after he failed the 9th grade the first time. lol

    But hey, it just shows that black people accepts you just the way you are.

    He adapted to the only culture that showed him love and now he is who honorable members of the black rappers association.

    Now those white kids who didn't accept him, admire him now and all of his black friends.

    It's amazing how the tables turn.
    Plus he lived walking distance from the hood.

  4. Em' was looking at Anderson Cooper like, yes i failed the 9th grade three times and i make more money than your white high school graduating ass.

    Hi my name is... lol

  5. " honorable member of the black rapper association.."

  6. fuck this cracker like I said before. He is a racist pig just like the rest of the white people. They realize we are a very forgiving nation so they use us and abuse us. When in the hell are we gonna learn that this beast will never treat us fairly. FUCK HIM! !

  7. At the end of the day, he's a cracker - yes that's true.

    If it goes down, he will be the one "chosen" to lead a black into the ditch.

    It's all a smoke screen and dragging words through your rap songs, come on white boy, it was already done by Tupac A. Shakur!

    Keep it real or shoot yourself. He's just a peanut covered in white chocolate.

    Give credit where credit is due!

    Pac had plenty of flow styles and he made you all fucking millionaries because Ya'll used them and Ya'll STILL using them.

  8. He's in the lab...the peanut covered in white chocolate!

  9. "...Tupac Shakur have even gone further and redefined the "N" word as a form of self-expression and empowerment."