Monday, November 30, 2009

Shyne Speaks:

Shyne has taken responsibility for the infamous club shooting in New York that involved Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs.

It's being reported that Shyne spoke honestly to 400 prisoners at the Hattieville Prison in Belize (On Thanksgiving Day):

Here's the jist of what was shared:

“Who would have ever thought that a young dude from Curassow Street who used to dump faeces outside the back would make it to the highest level in America culture. I made $30 million…I did records with Usher, Justin Timberlake. I shot a video when I was in jail, not saying you guys should do that but anything is possible. We talking about no, we ain’t going to sit here and cry, you got to come up with a plan. That’s what I did.”

“As I look into the audience I see myself. I see Shyne in everyone of you. From the start of my life, the odds have been against me just like you.

I am not special. I didn’t have no family. I never saw my mother, my mother was cleaning somebody else’s house and taking care of somebody else’s kid. I didn’t have nobody but I didn’t let that stop me. And even after selling millions of records and being Shyne they would have been lined up for me. My last album was called Godfather Buried Alive. You why? Because when you go to jail it is like you are dead. But still no excuses. I didn’t make no excuses.

II sat down, I said okay yeah, this is what I am going to do. I understood I made mistakes, I accepted responsibility for my mistakes. I didn’t blame nobody else for my mistakes. It wasn’t my co-defendant’s fault that I shot somebody in the club. I did that.

Over the last ten years instead of worrying abut what this one is doing or what that one is doing, who is responsible for me being there, I took responsibility and I spent the ten years planning what my future was going to be and you have the same power to do that. I know you do because like I said I look into your eyes and I see myself.

I could do it, if I could spend ten years which is like death row, I am telling you because in the music business I can’t even remember who was rapping ten years ago. So for me to be out here and for me to still be calling A-Rod after he won the World Series, for me to still be moving and shaking, calling Rihanna and finding out what she’s going to wear when she’s coming to see me in Belize, that shows that you could do anything.”

It sounds as if the Masonic Industry is offering Shyne "Fame, Wealth and a lot of Sex". As a token of their appreciation, they are sending Rihanna to sex him up because...she's a roller!


  1. Wow. These entertainers are really following the teaching of Aleister Crowley.

    There's a book out titled "The Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowly". Within this book he list the following in this order:

    Prepare to move

    Be steady

    prepare to reconstruct

    seek relief from friends

    accept substantial assistance

    turn the situation to advantage by increasing sympathizers

    We can say that Shyne and his friends from the entainment industry are following the path that the demon Aleister Crowley created for them.

  2. Shyne move to belize.

    Shyne rented out an entire floor at a hotel to "be steady".

    Shyne is preparing to reconstruct his public image by visiting youth centers and jails.

    Shyne is seeking relief from his friends in and outside of the music industry.

    Shyne has accepted substantial assistance from his entertainment friends.

    He's now turning his situation around by increasing sympathizers.