Friday, November 27, 2009

Tiger Woods:

Earlier this week, the internet was at a buzz regarding an affair Tiger Woods was having with another woman.

Today, it's being reported that Tiger Woods was in a bad car accident. They are saying that his injuries are not life threatening.

According to CNN:

The world's best golfer pulled out of his driveway in a 2009 Cadillac SUV, hit a fire hydrant and later a tree, CNN said, quoting the Florida Highway Patrol. No alcohol is related to the accident, although charges are pending, CNN said, again quoting the patrol. Orange County Fire Rescue reached the scene at 2:28 a.m., and Woods was taken to Health Central hospital in Ocoee.

Tiger better get the brakes checked on all of his vehicles and make sure that if anything happens to him, his mother is secured NOT his current wife.


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  2. He's a billionaire, no loonger a millionaire.

    His wife has two children by him not one. If she leave, she's taking Half of what he owns.

    He should press charges against her for assaulting him. if it was the other way around, she would destory him.

    Rihanna got away with domestic abuse and now Chris Brown's career is suffering.

    Tiger's wife abused him and they didn't arrest her because she's white, a mother and has blond hair.

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