Monday, November 30, 2009

Queen Latifah

Perfume has hit the market.

She has named the fragrance Queen by Queen Latifah.

According to the entertainer:

Q: Your reach spans all facets of entertainment and fashion. Why a fragrance now?

A: I love fragrance and the idea of having one of my own, that was tailor-made for me and my own sensibilities, I thought it was a fantastic idea — ego aside.

Q: There are a lot of celebrity fragrances out there. What was your involvement like with the creation of Queen?

A: Initially a lot of the ingredients smelled nice, but they weren’t how I wanted to be represented for my first fragrance — they were a little too mature or a little too sweet. I tried about 50 different scents before I decided on the warm and sexy fragrance that is Queen. I wanted the bottle to represent the strength of a woman: loving and strong, compassionate and sensual. The raised heart on the face of the bottle expresses what I always say, “Love steps out first."

Q:You are a frequent red carpet walker. What styles do you like and what would you like to see for curvier women?

A: For the red carpet, I choose looks that are sophisticated and polished. I like gowns to express my inner confidence: strong fashion statements that are modern and memorable.

Q:Who are your favorite designers?

A: In the photo for the ad campaign for Queen fragrance, I wear one of the most fabulous gowns ever - made especially for me by Romona Keveza in my favorite color, red.

Q:What are some words that describe you?

A: Confident. Sensual. Strong. Loving. Sexy.

I am sure Ellen's bottle was hand delivered to her office.

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