Monday, February 6, 2012

Rapper: Drake

Reported on Billboard's website, rapper Drake re-wrote history by having the most #1's on Billboard's Rap Songs Chart. For more, click here.


  1. Bull sh*t I just cannot wait for the day when people stop gassing up YM as if they were the best things out there.. Drake is talented, but I heard way better..

  2. It's great to finally listen to a rapper who didn't sell drugs to get to where he stands today.

    He went to school, started out as a actor and now look at him.

  3. @10:19 Yeah, I respect Drake for not promoting drugs, but at the same time I feel like he dumb himself down a little to fit YM artists. At, times I feel Drake kind of go against what he says in his lyrics. For example, Drake talks about wanting women who respect themselves, but in the same breath Drake has been flaunting Dolicia Bryant, Catya Washington, Bria Myles and the list goes on... Some of these chicks has plenty of mileage on them. I'm just saying. Drake is on my side eye list.

  4. Drake is a @ss man. It doesn't matter if they are a video vixen or not - dude is a ass man.

    He stays at the strip club and his music is mainly about the shapely women he runs into or runs up in lol.

    He's from Canada too - not the UK or the USA. He's brings a different vibe to the genre of rap music.