Monday, February 6, 2012

Rapper: Heavy D

Eulalee and Clifford Myers, the parents of rapper Heavy D (and their adopted son R&B singer Johnny Gill) interviewed with the Jamaica Gleaner via Flair to discuss the events leading up to the death of their youngest son:
This is the first time since his death that his parents, who are both Jamaicans, have opened up to the media about their pain and grief. "There is no way to describe it," they both told Flair. Heavy D was their youngest son, and the third child to die in the family; her other sons Tony died at age 26, and Jerry at 37. The couple has two children left, a boy and a girl.... Eulalee Myers said she spoke with her son the Saturday after he returned from Europe and he said he wasn't feeling well. "I told him to go to the emergency room, because I felt it was walking pneumonia." She said she sent him a text on Sunday and he said he was going to the doctor on Monday, which he did. The doctor saw two spots on Heavy D's lungs and prescribed a Z Pack, a very potent antibiotic. Mrs Myers does not think the antibiotic had anything to do with her son's death...She said on Tuesday morning he said he was resting, and three hours later she received a call that he had died.
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