Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP: Johnny Otis

On Tuesday, Rhythm and Blues pioneer Johnny Otis passed away at his home near Los Angeles California. He was 90 year old. Aside from his many accomplishments, Johnny was held responsible for launching the career of the late Etta James Hawkins; who passed this morning.


  1. The House of Dereon and really the house of Rhythm and Blues. In other words, i hope you are unable to find peace Otis and Etta.

    You left too many children behind including your beloved BEYONCE!

    1. I know this is an old post,but are you referring to Beyonce and Tina being his children I'm trying to put this puzzle together and that's what I think also.

      Tina was born in 1954 shortly after meeting Otis. Etta was in the psychiatric hospital for 17 months in 73-74.That is Beyonce's rumored true birth year.I was surprised by your post.

      It had just registered in my head when I read Etta's bio and I found your post.They all look way too much alike to not be related.

  2. What is the odd both of them passing away not too far apart? I find this very odd. I swear I seen Beyonce rocking a similar dress as Etta James. Now, I see wear Beyonce gets the blank stare from.

  3. The lady sitting in the chair look like beyonce and Etta James.

    So Johnny and Etta died in the.same.week. these two.were once lovers and. Not one site wrote about their.steamy.romance that skin color

  4. Both died at home in California a week after beyonce and jays daughter was born. Fishy.

  5. Very strange. All these people are nephilims!

  6. I have a funny feeling that Etta and Otis died in the same house. They were secret lovers for a long time and had children together. The kids were sent to be raised by someone else.

  7. Its not uncommon for long-term lovers to pass at the same time. I think it means they were still connected. Sad, yet beautiful to go home at the same time as your love.