Friday, January 20, 2012

RIP: Etta James Hawkins

According to reports online, blues singer Etta James has succumb to complications obtained from her battle with leukemia. The singer's manager has stated that she died early this morning at a hosptial in California.


  1. How old was Etta? Some sites are saying 73 and others are reporting 83.

    Mrs. James died early Friday at Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, Calif., of complications from leukemia, according to her manager, Lupe De Leon. She was 83.

    Etta James, the singer who made “At Last” a classic and became one of the last survivors from early rock ‘n’ roll’s pantheon of soaring divas, died Friday at her home in Riverside, Calif., her manager said. She was 73.

  2. Strange she died three days after Johnny Otis!