Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Singer: Chris Brown

Everyone has outgrown the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident and it seems as if the media refuse to let it go. Recently Rihanna shut down questions during a Magazine interivew and today Chris Brown snapped out on 'Good Morning America' after he was asked about the incident. The first time Robin asked, Chris Brown brushed the conversation aside to focus on his album. Robin continued to skate around the issue which caused Chris Brown to erupt, skip his second performance and walk out of the 'Good Morning America' show. Before walking out of the show, it was reported that the singer trashed his dressing room and threw a chair at a window inside of his dressing room....

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  1. Good Morning America, Chris is BACK!

  2. lol

    Welcome Back Chris!

  3. At least he's not on crack like Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton or Bruno Mars!

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but why is Robin trying so hard to get Chris talk about the incident. She should had respect his wishes kept going on with the interview without asking the question about Rihanna. Chris is trying to promote his album sheesh let the man do so.

  5. yes i agree the reporter is wrong for harassing this young man. he has paid for his mistakes, i think robin and others are trying to ruin this boys career.

  6. Yes! Rihanna and Chris gets annoyed when people ask this question.

    Let's move on! Give them both some space. Put yourself in their shoes. This happened two years ago!

    After you have moved on from a relationship, do you want people to ask you about it for two years straight?

    How about eight years after it has happened?

    Move on!

  7. Isn't Robin and Oprah supposely really close well Oprah is really close to Beyonce and Jayz. I would not be surprise Ms. Robin decide to ask the question to push Chris buttons on purpose.

  8. robin can go fuck herself with her own sex
    toys ,
    the media like oprah & gma will let him go and its a definite case of continual gender discrimination against chris brown.
    he threw a chair at a window and cracked it and gma decided not to press charges becuz of bad press.
    Chelsea handler can go fuck herself as well as her and her D grade comedians had a their fun bitchin about chris brown and making plenty of jokes about him also on a recent episode of her stupid program. Yet she never makes fun rihanna and when perez hilton mentioned rhianna had herpes she interjected and added the word allegedly to the words of perez hilton.
    I aint that keen on chris but I have no dislike for him.

  9. all this bad press for defending himself against a physical assault from another adult, while driving a car and a the media seriously continue to incur psychological damage upon him and almost every opportunity, 2 years later.