Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rapper: Jay-Z

As you already know, Jay-Z appeared in the locker room after the Kentucky Wildcats defeated North Carolina. As a member of the ownership group for the New Jersey Nets, "N.B.A. rules prohibit teams and their employees from having contact with draft-eligible players before the league’s annual predraft camp, which is held every spring after the regular season ends". Following his locker room appearance, the NBA has opened a investigation and Jay-Z will face a fine:


  1. He's such a fool.

    Gay-Z totally forgot about the rules and regulations set by the NBA.

  2. AND he's part owner! Where's your rule book Gay-Z?

  3. The more accomplishments you have, the less you are apt to accomplish and it's surprising what an amount of nothing some people can accomplish.

  4. Jay-Z was photographed and videotaped congratulating the Wildcats after the game. Kentucky has a few NBA prospects on its roster including freshmen Terrance Jones and Brandon Knight, who are both projected as lottery picks by some mock draft sites.

  5. There wasn't a problem with Jay-Z the rapper being in the locker room, but it is against NBA policy for Nets minority owner Shaun Carter to be there. NBA personnel are prohibited from being in contact with amateur players until they have declared for the draft.

  6. NEW YORK (AP) - An NBA spokesman confirms that the league is investigating Jay-Z's presence in Kentucky's locker room after the Wildcats clinched a Final Four berth.

    The rapper visited the players after their victory over North Carolina on Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J, home of the Nets.

    Jay-Z is a part-owner of the team and attended the Nets' 120-116 loss at New York on Wednesday.

    NBA rules prohibit team personnel from having contact with players who are not yet draft eligible, and spokesman Tim Frank told the Associated Press the league is looking into it. The investigation was first reported by

  7. well he was there for kentucky fried chicken, this d/l bitch just loves them boys locker rooms.

  8. lol @ Abraham!

    Last i read, he don't eat chicken (anymore).

  9. Donkey looking ass!!

  10. That's what he get for trying to be like DRAKE! lol

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