Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods celebrated his first win on the Golf Course today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the picture posted below, Mohamed Juma Buamaim Vice Chairman and CEO of 'golf in Dubai' presented Tiger Woods and Mark O'Meara of the USA with the Challenge Match Trophy after they had won the Challenge Match for the 2011 Omega Dubai Desert Classic. The game was held on the Majilis Course at the Emirates Golf Club:


  1. Do I smell a comeback? America is waiting on him. No one is that mad at what he did, American's never stay mad at lying, cheating, philanderers...hell, look at Charlie Sheen's career! You're safe Tigger, yes, Tigger.

  2. Go Tiger!

    He had to fly across the seas to get his mojo back!

  3. I do not understand why the media blew Tiger affair out of proportion. First of all Tiger's cheating should between him and his wife. Yes Tiger was wrong and I am not upholding him by any means. I hope Tiger does come back like he was before the incident.

  4. His ex-wife had a hissy fit in front of the media. She took the issues within home outside for the public to balance their conversations.

    In the end, the wife received exactly what she asked for; millions of dollars to spend with having to call Tiger to write her off a check.