Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Actress Halle Berry

Aside from heating up the cover of Ebony Magazine, Actress Halle Berry has also graced the February 2011 issue of ALMA magazine. On the cover, the actress wore a police officer hat and a leather chocker. The photo spread inside of the magazine features the actress in boy shorts and a string bikini top:


  1. I thought this question was rather interesting:

    ALMA MAGAZINE: It is not the first time you make a character who lives on the edge, is there anything you particularly interested in those features?

    Halle Beryy: Basically I'm interested in characters who are somewhat tortured for life. (Laughter) In a way I'm connected with them. Always try to do my best. I have a sort of reserve to support it. I like the idea of playing characters tormented but can grow and live with it. They are not victims. It's good to see the emotions flowing, how to change that fact, even if it's the most terrible. Good to know that you can upgrade, you can learn a lesson while doing as well when you see on the screen.

  2. Her answers to the question.

  3. ALMA: How do you choose projects?, Is there anything in particular paying attention?

    Halle Berry: It is always the character. If there is something different about him when I'm reading the script, I'm interested. If it sounds to me known, so there are times when not even finished the script. After Monster's Ball, for six months at least, they sent me all the scripts that were circulating in Hollywood that featured a southern African American women and mistreated. They were magnificent, but I had already done. Looking for something different, and I must say that I received some criticism for that. My goal is not to pigeonhole and take what they involve a challenge to myself.

  4. Hmmm, can't say I'm a fan of her acting. But, she has flawless skin, and even more enviable legs. I think Halle is coming to terms with her mental health issues, which is beautiful. Her daughter is probably her inspiration for doing so. Good luck to you.

  5. "Basically I'm interested in characters who are somewhat tortured for life. (Laughter) In a way I'm connected with them..."

    ^smh, Halle's past is so dark and demented. She got involved with the model guy for the sole purposes of having a child. The reason why, she became attached to Eric Benet's daughter and fought with her mother over custody rights (when she was married to Eric).

  6. She's sporting a spray on tan! It makes her skin glow.