Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spotted: Amber Rose

Model Amber Rose (and her sheer tie-up stilettos) was spotted high stepping around London yesterday. The model attended the Julien MacDonald Autum/Winter 2011 Fashion Show during London's Fashion Week:

She was also spotted the following day wearing dark sunglasses, a Point Beer t-shirt, black leggings and combat boots as she left the 'Apres' club after a nite out with her entourage:


  1. And what does Amber Rose do again? This is off topic, but I just seen the picture of Amber's mom she is gorgeous. Amber's mom gives miss Amber a run for her money. If anybody cares to see the picture click the link.


  2. Amber's mother look like J-Lo!

  3. @10:19 She sure does. I meant to add damn you Kanye this woman will never go away !!!