Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrity Stylist: June Ambrose

Read somewhere that Jay-Z and Beyonce were having marital problems and are on the brinks of filing divorce papers. Also read that she has extreme issues with his stylist June Ambrose. You see, celebrity stylist June Ambrose has two children; a son name Chance (father Manager Marc Chamblin) and a daughter name Summer. There's a buzz floating around that June's daughter Summer is Jay-Z's biological daughter. Is this all truth? We're not sure, but in between time enjoy these pictures of June Ambrose with her daughter Summer:

June Ambrose, Summer Ambrose and singer Deborah Cox were spotted attending the Diet Pepsi Debuts Sleek New Can during New York Fashion Week. The event was held at the Lincoln Center on February 13, 2011.

Summer with her mother in 2010 during New York Fashion Week.

Summer Chamblin with her mother in 2010 during New York Fashion Week.


  1. It's true, he wrote two songs about June and their daughter summer.

    Listen hear Summer baby
    I just believe it's the right thing to do
    I got a brand-new bitch corporate America
    they showin' me a lotta action right now
    And I know you put me on my feet and all but
    I mean, it's time for me to grow
    You gotta let me go baby
    You gotta let me go

    Jay-Z's Brooklyn Summer Lyrics

    Like a mamma you birthed me, brooklyn you nursed me
    Schooled me with hard knocks, better than Burkley
    They say you murked me by the time I was 21
    That shit disturbed me, but you never hurt me
    Hello brooklyn, if we had a daughter

  2. June's code name was summer during their heated romance.

  3. She does favor Shawn Carter.

  4. lol

  5. His grandmother -


  7. Brooklyn = June
    Beyonce silly uneducated tale had the nerve to get Brooklyn temporary tattooed on her arm.

    You're not Brooklyn JUNE IS!

    Summer is THEIR daughter.

  8. Wow. She does favor Shawn's grandmother, mother and Andre Leon Talley.

    1. Andre Leon Talley...lololololololol!!!

    2. Lmao @ Andre Leon Talley!

  9. That baby hair is too good to be Jay's and June's biological. Stop the madness. . .

  10. I do not think June Ambrose is not her biological mother. They do not look nothing a like at all. Oddly. enough June's daughter looks just like Jayz but resembles nothing like her suppose mother. The little girl resembles this woman in this picture hair texture and all. Yes, I know children can take after back history from their parents.!/tytryone/media/slideshow?

  11. Maybe June agreed to carry Beyonce and Jay-Z's child.

    But i don't know if this would be true because i think these two can't stand each other. Beyonce is aware of the relationship Jay-Z had with June. And June was okay with Jay-Z stepping away from their relationship to be with Aaliyah and Beyonce (To increase his media appearance).

  12. Summer look just like Jay-Z's grand mother. The light brown skin women he was pictured with with Beyonce at a Tennis Match.

    Summer look just like this lady:

  13. This is not a true story....

  14. Definitely not a true story. Both of June's children are Marc's.

  15. she look just like jay-z.
    please tell me that jay-z and marc are blood relatives.

  16. That baby looks like her daddy MARC! Dont believe the hype & stop helping the media spread lies!!

  17. She kinda favors jay she looks nothing like marc or june..

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  32. I always thought she looks like chuck amos, junes friend and hairstylist