Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jay-Z and June Ambrose

...So Jay-Z doesn't dress himself? He has a female fashion stylist who educates him on the latest and greatest "fashions" to hit the streets?

..and Jay-Z calls her his "Style Architect".

Here's a paragraph taken from a recent Interview with the Rapper:

As the Drake song continues, a stylish woman enters the office holding a grey Tom Ford suit. She's wearing designer overalls, a pair of oversize sunglasses and a silk scarf patterned with little tennis rackets and sailboats.

"Oh," she says, noticing me. "Do you want to do this somewhere else?"

"Nah," Jay says, casually removing his pants. "It's like a locker room in here."

The woman, June Ambrose -- Jay teasingly describes her as a "style architect" -- shrugs. "I brought your tighty-whities," she says, walking behind the desk. "Oh! You're wearing them."

Jay, pleased with himself, says: "I knew I'd be wearing a suit tonight." He's going to a function at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Ambrose squints at his lap. "The ones I

brought are tighty tighty-whities, though," she says.

Jay grabs the suit pants and says, "Come on, now. We don't wanna make the guy really uncomfortable."

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  1. *SMH* she's the one who asked him to stop wearing Jersey's?

  2. Ugh, next! This whole article attempted to make him seem mysterious, intelligent, and interesting, but in the end, it just painted him as the self-righteous prick he is.

    Its a shame that people like this have SO MUCH control over the minds of young America.

  3. This article was so self centered. I wonder how Beyonce felt reading this? Her husband still wears tightly whities? His stylist picks out his underwear? How come June doesn't Dress Beyonce? I mean she dresses her husband. This also explains the reasons why women are so attracted to him now. He's being dressed by a woman. June should be on the cover of GQ Magazine NOT JAY-Z. He has no fashion sense. How can you tell someone to stop wearing Jerseys when another woman (not your wife) had to tell you to stop wearing Jerseys and you are PAYING her to TELL YOU HOW TO DRESS.


  4. I agree, like attracts like. He is just as vapid and shallow as she (Beyonce) is. I knew this ninja from the jump. You can ALWAYS tell when he has styled himself. He looks like an 18-year old street thug.

  5. *I knew this ninja didn't style himself from the jump.

  6. *SMH* @ people copying copycats.

    June frequents thift stores all over the world. That is her thing! Everyone knows that!

  7. This June character looks like a damn man in the face. Probably a hermaphrodite secretly.

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