Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update: Singer Etta James Hawkins

According to reports, the American Blues singer Etta James Hawkins (known for her hit song “At Last”, “I Just Want To Make Love To You “) is gravely Ill, has been diagnosed with dementia and is undergoing treatment for leukaemia:

James' husband and sons have been engaged in a dispute over James' finances stemming from the singer's decision to grant power of attorney to her son Donto James in 2008, and her husband of 41 years has been attempting to gain control over James' money to defray the costs of her care.

The 72-year-old James is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for a form of leukemia and described by her physician as also suffering from a form of dementia.



  2. @Quiana

    I would like to think she would get better and trust I wish no ill will. Eta is one of my all time favorites singers, someone with real talent. However, the abuse her body has taken from the years of drug use is now taking its toll. You do not bounce back from dementia it just gets worse. I have first had experience on this one.

  3. No one truly knows Etta James actual age. The singer has battled undisclosed health issues for many years. It's amazing that she has lived this long.

    It's kinda strange that as a performer for over two decades that she only has 1 million cash in her account and its so sad to know that her estranged husband is fighting over her savings.