Friday, January 21, 2011

Comedian Jamie Foxx

Despite several websites questioning his sexuality, the Comedian turned Actor turned singer Jamie Foxx has fallen for a 21 year old model name Brittnay Loren. A poster has brought to the attention that maybe Brittnay Loren isn't 100% female. Little has been known about the model and several popular websites has posted pictures of the duo at several high profile events. So, we ask, is she a 'he'?


  1. Jamie Foxx: Eric Morlon Bishop (1967-), U.S. stand-up comedian. The comedian adopted his gender-neutral name in 1989 on discovering that it was easier for women to get stage time at “open mics,” when members of the public were encouraged to perform. “The way I looked at it was,” he said at the time, “if I fail as Jamie Foxx I’ll just change my name and come back as somebody else.”

    Red Foxx: John Elroy Sanford (1922-1991), U.S. movie, TV comedian. The comedian, a fan of the Chicago Red Sox baseball team, was already known by his nickname “Chicago Red,” partly in reference to his red hair. He added an extra “d” to the second word of this and took his new surname from the baseball star Jimmie Foxx (1907-1967), who at one time played for that team. The name as a whole was further suggested by the red fox featuring in children’s books.

  2. Are you related to Redd Foxx?
    Nah. Great name, though. Sanford & Son was my favorite show as a kid. I actually live in Vegas, which is where Redd Lived.
    Jamie Foxx Interview from Vibe Magazine Feb 1998


  4. You cant find nothing on this SO CALLED MODEL

  5. Now i understand what Jamie Foxx means when he says The Foxxhole (hermaphrodites are born with two genitals..a penis and a vagina..the vagina is often called the foxxhole).

    And he keeps falling for the hermaphrodite type.

  6. That's a ladyboy!

  7. Her neck is just a lil too wide for a woman of that size.

  8. Also, because there are so many passables in celebrity culture, we're not trained to see it anymore, but women have round faces and men angular in the chin.

  9. Ok. I was watching E's coverage of the Grammy Awards the other day and out walks jamie foxx and his 'friend' Brit.

    He was preparing to interview with Ryan Seacrest. When he stepped forward with Brit and some other female on his sides, he introducted 'Brit' as one of his artist. Then Ryan said, "One of your artist..", then Jamie's response was, "Yes, Brit is an Actress".

    Ryan had a puzzled look on his face and Jamie walked away leaving brit and her friend looking puzzled as well.

    I am searching the internet with hopes of finding the actual video clip.

    I had to share this with you because i recalled this post questioning their relationship and her gender and no one knew she was - not even Ryan Seacrest.